Young Coconut – Inner Sanctum (Album, 2021)

young coconut inner sanctum

Inner Sanctum is an album with songs written by Ontario musician, Young Coconut, and produced and arranged by Navid Hamidi.

Navid Hamidi’s instagram, featuring some of his production work, can be found here:

Young Coconut and Navid Hamidi have a synthwave band called Back 2 The Future, which was written concurrently with the Young Coconut album, Inner Sanctum.  Here’s a sample of that work:

Inner Sanctum was a true collaboration between Young Coconut and Navid Hamidi, and was released independently in 2021 on all major streaming platforms.

The album was inspired by various types of electronic music, indie rock, synthwave, jazz, and psychedelia.

The track list is as follows:

  • 01. Dogs of Instagram
  • 02. E’s In Need
  • 03. Lammergeier
  • 04. Manwhore
  • 05. Exes and Hoez
  • 06. Our Day
  • 07. New Book of Rules
  • 08. Nip Slip
  • 09. Stay Home Save Lives
  • 10. Bucket Song

Listen to it here on Youtube Music:

Follow Young Coconut on Spotify here:

Here is one of Navid’s solo tracks, called Paeeze Lanati.

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