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What You Need To Know About Back Acne (Or Bacne)

Acne is a skin condition that affects many individuals both young and old (depending on the type) and can be from a mild case, where you may see a few blackheads or pimples, to the more severe types, that can be emotionally devastating and actually cause permanent disfiguring scars.


Acne, although many times is most prevalent on the face, (again depending on the type), can be found on other parts of the body, and this article centers on the problems arising with getting an acne condition on your back, and what you can do about it!

There is a lot of information regarding back acne and what you can do to treat and prevent it.

Back acne can be more than just troubling, as it many times it is common to see a form of cystic acne attacking an individual’s back that appear as hard comedones and dark colored boils.

These can be painful and unfortunately without the aid of someone else it can be difficult to apply one of the topical methods of treatments that are available, but there are other ways to beat this condition.

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What Causes Back Acne?

The same with most forms of acne, this skin condition, even on the back, is caused by a bacterial infection that arises when there is a blockage in the pores of the skin.

Although higher in men, androgen hormones actually aggravate, and can increase the size of the sebaceous glands, resulting in an excessive oil production, that when combined with dead skin cells can cause these blockages, which can result in an acne breakout.

The particular bacteria that generally attacks the back is known as Propionibacterium and causes redness, inflammation and creates enzymes that dissolve the oil gland production into irritating substances that can fill a pustule, boil, whitehead or blackhead.

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Back Acne Treatment

It’s really only because of the difficulty in applying topical treatments on the back (because of the location) that many times the approach is more about prevention than the actual curing of the problem.

If you have some assistance, it certainly makes getting rid of back acne a much easier task, and you will find that most of the remedies and treatments that work well for acne on other places of the body will also work well on the back (again depending on the severity and type).

Obviously as with all types of acne vulgaris, an excellent cleaning regime will go a long way in preventing acne from occurring in the first place, and especially in the back it is very important to open up the clogged pores in order to facilitate the healing process.

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You can do this by using an exfoliating scrub (but never scrub too vigorously, as this can actually aggravate most acne conditions) that can normally be picked up at any drug store.

Many of the products used for facial cleaning have an exfoliate base and will normally work well for the back as well.

This is where some help will definitely come in handy because as stated to effectively treat your back acne problem, the products must be applied directly to the lesions, and this can be difficult to do yourself.

Once your pores are open it is imperative that you keep them clean until they heal up, as this is when you can be the most susceptible to forms of infection.

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