Adipose Tissue In The Body – What Is Its Function?

“Adipose tissue” is a phrase that is well known by individuals who are in the process of dieting; however, usually under a different term….

What is that special term?  Well, when an individual is overweight or even obese, they are said to have a high amount of adipose tissue or …body fat.  It can be found under the skin (subcutaneous fat), packed around internal organs (visceral fat)

In men, it is often stored in surplus around the midsection, like this:


Now, body fat generally gets a bad reputation, as we hear about people who have basically no (or very little) body fat, and they are considered the most, let us say, “aesthetic” among us.

It is accurate that it is healthier, overall, to store less body fat, but for some of us, it is more difficult to do this, for a variety of reasons.

That said, don’t misunderstand what body fat, aka adipose tissue, is, and does.

Body fat is a necessary part of our body’s make-up, but we start to run into problems when we store too much of it.

According to Pubmed, “As a consequence of their increased total adipose tissue mass, morbidly obese patients have many more fat cells than individuals of normal weight and the cells are enlarged compared to normal. Contrary to earlier beliefs, fat cell numbers can increase throughout adult life.”


So, bigger people can have more body fat, both in terms of the number of cells, and the size of the cells as well.

But what is body fat’s job, or purpose, anyway?

Body fat that is a loose connective tissue in which main function is to store energy, in the form of fat.

You see, if we are storing fat, it just means we technically have more “stored energy”, that takes the form of fat, and which people in society tend to stereotype as being less appealing to look at, which has lead to the stereotypes of beauty from past decades.

Remember Baywatch?  These people generally did not have an excess of adipose tissue.

cast of baywatch

Adipose tissue, or body fat, is located beneath the skin around your internal organs, in your bone marrow, inter-muscular and within the breast tissue.

Body fat is perfectly normally, and we do need it, but there comes a point where we have it in excess for our frame, and it becomes problematic for our health.


Adipose tissue is increasingly present in Western society, due to consuming too much non-lean foods, which turns into unhealthy types of fat, which can be hard to shed, because of where they get stored in our body.



Adipose tissue is comprised of adipocytes. The purpose of the adipocytes in adipose tissue is to store this energy in the form of fat, which, again – some of these fats are “good” fats, and some of which can be “bad” fats.

For example, a certain amount of fat, or adipose tissue, is an advantage because it helps to both insulate and cushion the body.

This tissue, which itself contains many blood vessels, is also present around the internal organs and works to protect the organs from damage.

Adipose tissue also performs the role of storing energy in the form of lipids, which are used to dissolve fatty acids, waxes, sterols etc.

Too much of the wrong type of adipose tissue, however, and it will cause you problems, as we stated earlier.


Adipose Tissue – Growing and Multiplying as we age

According to the NIH, “During infancy and adolescence, adipose tissue is growing by a combination of increase in fat cell size (to a lesser extent) and (above all) the number of these cells. In adults, fat cell number is constant over time in spite of a large turnover (about 10% of the fat cells per year) when body weight is stable.”

As we age, a number of factors play a role in determining the amount of adipose tissue cells in the body, including the amount of fat contained in the cells including hormones, diet, genetics, physical activity and innervation.

In order to reduce the amount of adipose tissue that is present in your body, you will need to undertake a diet and exercise regimen, but it is a delicate balance of exercise and consumption that allows you to lose weight over long periods of time.  No crash dieting!

Weight loss, and diets, in particular, are more complicated than many people think…but that’s another story.

Did you know that the colour of your fat matters as far as if it is healthy or not goes?  That’s what we’ve been hinting at all along – the “bad” vs the “good” fats.  Well, that can be determined by the colour of the fat.  We’ll get to that soon enough.


In addition, adipose tissue produces essential hormones such as leptin, estrogen, resistin, and cytokine, which can affect our weight on both a short term and long term basis.


Being a key connective tissue, adipose tissue holds 20-25% of total body weight in a healthy human body.

Individuals who find that they are quite overweight and simply cannot lose the amount of adipose tissue they need to lose may need to seek alternative means, such as surgery.

It should be noted that this is a serious undertaking and before selecting surgery to dispose of adipose tissue, a thorough consultation should be scheduled with a knowledgeable physician.

adipose tissue

White vs Brown Adipose Tissue

It is important to distinguish the difference between white adipose tissue and brown adipose tissue.

Again, the government says: “While white adipose tissue is specialized for energy storage, brown adipose tissue has a high concentration of mitochondria and uniquely expresses uncoupling protein 1, enabling it to be specialized for energy expenditure and thermogenesis.”

Brown adipose tissue, which is used maintain body temperature, is more metabolically active than white adipose tissue.

In individuals who are at their ideal body weight, between 15 and 25% of the body weight is typically adipose tissue.

Here are some helpful videos related to this topic.

Ok, that’s all for now!  Comment below…


Are Tarantulas Dangerous?

As a long time tarantula owner and breeder, there can be nothing more annoying than reading a totally hysterical account in one of the daily tabloids regarding Tarantulas or True spiders.


These are always written with the intention of selling the lousy rag and the sad thing is that millions of otherwise naive readers will digest the information as if it was gospel.

The only losers in this scenario are the poor spiders or Tarantulas and the people, like myself, that enjoy this fascinating and rewarding hobby.

Tarantulas and True Spiders are not the same

Let’s get the ball rolling with a little fact that escapes most people, Tarantulas are not True Spiders.

This is mainly due to the fact that they belong to the Theraphosidae family and have several physical differences to True Spiders.

They tend to grow far larger than a normal spider and they have fangs that are fixed as opposed to moveable ones that True Spiders have.

A female Tarantula can live for more than 25 years and despite the unfair reputation, their venom is usually no worse than a bee sting.

Has anyone ever died from a Tarantula bite?

Which brings us nicely onto the next myth, as far as records are concerned, no one has ever died as a direct result of a Tarantula bite.

Though we are sure that the daily tabloids would love this not to be true!

There are around 900 different species of Theraposidae and although these vary in temperament and appearance, they are less likely to bite you and more likely to turn and run.

The New World Tarantulas, mainly from America, will probably flick some rather irritating hairs in your general direction and these can cause some nasty rashes.


Okay, there are some fairly naughty True Spiders…

Going back to the Tarantula’s diminutive cousins, these bad boys have a few in their number that are known to carry venom that is powerful enough to cause severe pain and in some cases even death:

Redback Spider – Latrodectus hasselti

An Australian legend that can give you a bite that you will never forget. The last known casualty was way back in 1950 thanks to an effective antivenin.

Sydney Funnel-Web Spider – Atrax robustus

It’s your worst nightmare, a spider that you can easily find in your home that has actually caused 13 deaths.

Fortunately the antivenin introduced in 1981 has made Sydney dwellers a little happier in their homes!

Brown Widow – Lactrodectus geometricus

Not as well-known as its darker sister, the Brown Widow Spider has a bite that is twice as deadly!

Thankfully it produces less and that has been why this little minx is relatively unknown.

Brown Recluse – Loxosceles reclusa

One bite from this tiny assassin and your tissue will probably start having a very bad day indeed.

Although deaths usually do not occur, kidney failure, comas and seizures are not unknown. .

Brazilian Wandering Spider – Phoneutria

This little terror is the most venomous arachnid in the world and also has a fairly aggressive streak to boot!


Wandering Spider

Can You See a Pattern Emerging Here?

None of these unusual suspects live in the UK or even Europe yet we are constantly bombarded with horror stories courtesy of our daily rags.

Is it too much to expect a mutual appreciation of some of the finest examples of living nature and just ignore the scare mongering tactics that are dreamt up merely to sell a few more copies?

Compared to the deadly bunch we have just covered, Tarantulas are positively cuddly creatures, it is fast becoming the most popular hobby in the UK and the more we learn about our 8 legged friends, Tarantulas or not, the better we can understand the whole planet!

Traveling with Kids: 7 Tips for a Successful Journey

Our family was lucky enough to get away for a trip to sunny Florida last week.

Despite the occasional meltdown here and there, I would classify it as a smashing success.

Our kids are currently 4.5 and 2.5, and we had some apprehensions about how they’d do both on the plane and on the trip generally, but they were both troopers.

If you’re planning to get out of Dodge with your brood anytime soon, here are 7 tips for smooth sailing:

travel light

1. Travel light.

With the exception of a beloved toy, a passport, or a family heirloom (which you shouldn’t be traveling with anyway, if you can avoid it!), there are few things you can’t easily replace or replenish en route.

And don’t worry about packing scads of toys – if your kids are anything like mine, they will always prefer to amuse themselves with things like bottle caps, coasters, and luggage tags anyway.

carry on luggage

2. Pack a change of clothes in your carry-on.

Not just for your potential spitter-upper, but for the potentially spit-up-upon parent(s) as well. If you’re lucky, you won’t need those extra clothes, but if you do you will be SO glad you planned ahead!

Related to this, be sure you have enough diapers on hand to cover unexpected travel delays.


3. Bring snacks. Even if you’re planning to stop for food or buy something on the plane, things come up – and a hungry 3-year-old won’t understand (or care) why you are stuck on the tarmac for 4 hours with no cabin service.

Dried fruits and fruit bars, peanut-free granola, small crackers, and small squeezy fruit pouches all travel well with minimal mess potential.

The squeezy fruit pouches we brought were 3.2 oz. each – a shade over the 3 oz. carry-on liquid limit – but TSA had no issues with them at either end.

kids with luggage

4. Do a dry run.

You don’t need to pack all your bags several days in advance, but do take a moment to work through who’s going to carry what – and who – from the car into the airport, through security, onto the plane, etc.

I once had a packing plan all worked out in my head but then realized it would require my then-15-month-old to either carry a full-size suitcase, ride it like a pony, or scootch herself through the airport entirely unassisted.

5. Don’t push it too hard.

Kids and parents alike both need downtime – so don’t schedule every minute of every single day, or you will all be too tired (and possibly cranky) to enjoy your trip.

6. Maintain some semblance of a routine… Vacations are a special time, with lots of new things to see, do, and experience.

While you won’t be able to stick to the exact same way you do things at home – and you shouldn’t try – it’s helpful for everyone to maintain some semblance of regular naps, bedtimes, meal times, and so on.

travel with kids

7. …But be flexible.

If this means ice cream for lunch one day or an unexpected session of cartoons when everyone wakes up raring to go at 4:30 am, then so be it. That’s what vacations are all about.

Traveling with your kids is a lot like the overall experience of parenting, magnified – more stress and more emotion but also more moments of fun, closeness, joy, and pure magic.

If you can master the delicate balance of planning ahead vs. rolling with the unexpected, you’ll set your family up for a wonderful trip.

So You Want To Buy A Horse… (Horse Shopping Tips 101)

Owning a horse is a big commitment. Doing so will take up a lot of your time and energy – and your money too.

Once you have weighed up the various pros and cons and decided that you are ready to jump in and make the commitment, the next stage is the big purchase.

Before you buy a horse it is important to take your time and make the right decision.

If you don’t, you could end up with a horse that isn’t suited to you or that ends up being a lot more work than you had originally prepared for.

Spend a bit of time putting together a checklist of exactly what you are looking for and refer to it throughout the process as this will help keep you on track.

Only after you have your list should you start looking for a horse.

buying a horse

Best Places To Buy A Horse

Use reputable sources to help you track down horses for sale.

Riding magazines, online listings websites, your local stables or any other equestrian contacts you might have are a good place to start.

Make sure and read each advert carefully so that you don’t waste your time – or the time of the seller.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered by the advert, give the owner a phone.

Ask plenty of questions, find out why the horse is being sold and for how long the current owners have had him.

After asking all your questions, if you are still interested, that would be the time to arrange your first viewing.

viewing horses

Viewing Horses

Make sure to look the horse over carefully. As part of this process, it is a good idea to ask to prepare him for a ride so you can check how he behaves.

Watch someone else ride him before you clamber on and, if possible, get someone to film you while you do ride so you can watch it back later.

Be prepared to answer a lot of questions as well as ask them; a good owner will want the horse to go to a good home and if they don’t seem interested in who gets their horse, that could be a cause for alarm.

More important than anything else is making sure the horse has a temperament you are happy with.

If anything about how the horse behaves during your visit causes you to worry, that is not a good sign. Always follow your instincts.

If everything is okay on the first visit, arrange a second viewing to:

  • Ride him again in a different environment
  • Take a more detailed look at the stable he lives in
  • Ask any questions that have come up in between the viewings.

During a follow-up visit you could also try loading the horse into a horsebox to see how he reacts.

Follow up visits are your opportunity to make sure you have all the information you need before taking the plunge.

Final Tips

Before you hand over any money, make sure to organize for an independent vet to come with you and check the horse over.

They should do a complete health check, including taking a blood sample.

buying a horse

Ask the vet to draw up a report based on what they find so you have all the information to hand.

It is illegal for a horse to be sold without a passport so make sure there is one and, last but not least, have a written agreement drawn up with the current owner and a written receipt for the purchase.

It might seem like a lot of work, but, in the end, it will all be worth it to make sure you get the perfect horse.

Gay Bear Community – Field Guide

Are you new in the gay bear community, or <gasp> not even part of the gay bear community?

If so, then you’ve probably had a bit of trouble understanding some of the gay bear lingo that being used. Don’t worry, that’s why I’m here.

Recently I dedicated an entire post to the term WOOF! and all its derivatives.


In short, “woof” is a term gay bears use to show appreciation for other bears.

It is also a multifaceted word, like “f*ck” for instance, where you can use it in all sorts of contexts and get away with it.

As it turns out, the world of gay bears to some people is like learning another language.

I guess I’ve just gotten used to it, so to use slang like “otter”, “wolf”, and “grizzly” are no big deal to me, I use those terms and think nothing of it.

But to those outside the gay bear community, it can get a bit confusing.  Understandable.

In this post I’d like to discuss several other terms you are likely to come across in this wonderful community of hairy gay men.

Oh, by the way, it’s important to realize that the following terms are just for fun, mainly.

I’d say, once you learn all these terms, you may as well just forget them, just because some people aren’t into being labelled this way, and some people are going to defy your expectations every time.

muscle bears

Bear AKA Gay Bear

Let us just start with the foundational term “bear”.

Originated by Bear Magazine founder Richard Bulger back in the 1980’s with his self-published bear-themed ‘zine, the term “bear” then, as now, generally refers to gay or bisexual men who are hairy and masculine.

It’s easy to see the connection between these types of guys and the word “bear”.

Here is a nice picture to give you some reference for the word “bear”.

As you can see, this guy is quite masculine, being very muscular, burly, with a nice thick err.. beard with dark hair.

Dark hair does not a gay bear make, although it often lends itself to having more body hair (at least visibly).

So take a good look at this picture and you can think “ah, here we have a nice example of a typical bear”.

One thing to note about being a gay bear is that being a bear can, at times, shatter the stereotype of the typical gay man that has been presented to us through popular culture in the past.


As opposed to being into things many consider “girly”, such as broadway show tunes, dressing up in glamorous clothes, and other such stereotypical “gay” stuff, bears are known for their ruggedness, their love of things like cars, sports, and hitting the gym.

Yeah, we’re talking man’s men here. Here is a great book that goes into this topic, written by Jacob Z. Flores – When Love Gets Hairy.

As Jacob mentions in his book, bears are generally a congenial lot, being very friendly and easy-going, traveling in packs and being loyal to their bear community.

Even though they’re typically nice guys, f you piss off a bear or group of bears, you will regret it as they are relatively no-nonsense people.

Another thing about being a bear you should know is that you don’t need to be gay to be a bear.

Some bears are included in the community, including certain celebrities, with an honorary status for being a bear.

Here’s an article we wrote on some bear icons, some of whom are not even gay.


Grizzly Bear

These are the tallest, heaviest and most dominant of all gay hairy men.

It is therefore no surprise that members of others gay sub-cultures and even some in the gay bear community tend to be afraid of grizzlies.

You don’t need to be told that a certain individual is a grizzly, when you see them you’ll know it.

Think of it this way, with your average grizzly bear you’re getting an extra serving of everything, such as just being bigger, hairier, more masculine, more rugged.

Itis just being a bear to the Nth degree in some ways, with their dominant trait being their ability to dominate in multiple ways.

Speaking of grizzlies, there was once a great publication called American Grizzly which focuses on the larger bears of this type.

pocket bear

Pocket Bear

If you are a short hairy gay man then you fall under this category.

It’s nothing to get offended about; actually, other members of the community find pocket bears quite cute, and the term is used affectionately by the bear community.

The main thing with pocket bears is that they’re shorter in stature.

As such, they are fun to play with, in that other bears can actually hoist them up and toss them around at say a pool party.

Because of their size, some of them enjoy being dominated, while other pocket bears do not and simply take the term with a grain of salt.

It’s like being called “shorty”. Some people don’t like it, but hey, what can you do, you’re short!

gay bear pocket bear

Pocket Protector

Not to be confused with the sheath often worn by nerds to protect writing instruments, a pocket protector in gay bear lingo means a bear who is often seen with their shorter counterpart, seemingly “protecting” them.

What it really means is This is just the opposite of a pocket bear i.e. a gay hairy man who’s tall.

Pocket protectors should however not be confused with a grizzlies since they tend are not overly dominant.

Still, they want to protect what’s theirs and if they are hanging out with their pocket bear, you don’t want to get in between a pocket bear and his pocket protector.

At this point, your generally friendly pocket protector may get a bit miffed, and you don’t want that.

All in all, being a pocket protector just means being a taller bear who hangs out with a shorter counterpart.

silverdaddy bear


Ah, my favorite kind of bear right here! A silverdaddy, AKA a daddy bear, is a gay bear who’s a bit on the older side in terms of their chronological age.

Some daddy bears prefer forming father-son relationships with younger bears than getting romantically involved.

Those who do want to get romantically involved with a younger bear are typically on the prowl for a cub, which we will get to shortly.

Silverdaddies often have the characteristic of looking very young and hot while still being an older bear.

This doesn’t go for all silverdaddies, some of whom are older and actually look quite mature, where as some just have striking silver hair, but are a bit younger (say in their 40’s).

Sometimes if a bear is greying prematurely he will be referred to as a “silver cub”.

gay bear cub


Cubs, or gay bear cubs, seem to have two definitions that kind of overlap.

The first definition we think is the most obvious, which is that a cub is a younger bear.

As we said before, bear cubs are often found in relationships with silverdaddies, as they often seek each other out for reasons that benefit each of them mutually.

Whether they are seeking each other for a paternal connection, or because a cub finds an older bear sexy, it all depends from bear to bear.

The other connotation that goes along with being a bear cub is that a cub is known as the sub in the relationship, with their partner playing the dominant role.

In this way you can have two bears that are closer in age and the one that’s the cub is the one who is more passive in the relationship, versus being more of the aggressor.

gay bear fluffy 2


This refers to hairy gay bear men who tend to exhibit more sissy traits, or who act in a way which many would say is unbecoming of a bear in general.

It’s not really the bear in this case, it’s the behaviour we’re talking about.

Fluffy’s existence stems from the fact that bears are generally masculine, so if you are to act, or are being generally fluffy, you’re generally doing something is maybe girly, or just not cool in some way.

It is regularly used in a derogatory manner, like “Dude, did you seriously just call your silverdaddy snookums? That’s so fluffy!”

Or perhaps you might say “Dave is being fluffy again, he’s watching a Sex In The City marathon and won’t leave the house.”

In any case, being fluffy isn’t the end of the world, and its not a type of bear either, but it is part of the bear vernacular and so it is worth noting.

It is also worth noting that this handsome bear on our right is not being fluffy at all, and its just good to have a picture to look.

By the way, this bear could quite easily be a cub.

gay bear sissy


A chaser, or often known as a “bear chaser” is gay man from a different sub-culture who has a particular liking for bears.

Who can blame them, they’ve got good taste. In fact, they don’t even have to be gay, they might just be curious about bears and what makes them tick (but let’s admit it those guys are probably gay).

This is why the term chaser is also used in the wider gay community to refer to admirers who don’t belong to a certain sub-culture, they’re just out there doing some recreational admiring of bears.

Often you hear the term “chubby chaser”, which can easily be adapted to the bear community as many bears are of course larger men.

Therefore it is quite common to find chasers in the bear community, chasing after their favorite bear men.

Overall, chasers are not bears at all, but they do have a keen interest in them, don’t they?

otter gaybear


Your classic gay otter is a man who is hairy, but not heavy set, and so the word “bear” doesn’t really suit them very well.

This is why someone came up with the term otter, because although they are known to be hairy, they are also quite svelte, making them particularly appealing to those who appreciate those characteristics.

With otters, there is also an association with water here so you might notice them sitting or standing poolside, with a sheen of water on their skin having just taken a dip.

Beaches are another popular spot for otters, and they often have the typical “beach body” to show off.

Also with otters, there may be a fair amount of grooming happening, so their hairiness may be toned down somewhat for the sake of grooming.



This is a woman who likes to hang around congregations of heavier set manly types of men who happen to be gay.

Namely, this is the kind of woman who loves nothing better than to be in the general vicinity of some gay bears. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Simply put, goldilocks are women who are are usually straight but for some reason they just love hairy gay men.

Aaaand.. that’s all for now!  Hopefully that brings you up to speed and gives you a different slant on the world.

If you think I’ve got it all wrong and that someone should sit on me (maybe a bear), let me know in the comments belowww!

Hangover Remedies For Students – What To Do Once You’ve Drank Too Much

Hangovers vary from person to person, but usually involve a headache, nausea, tiredness and dehydration.

In short – they are the WORST.

worst hangover

Alcohol – one of the first drugs known to man, is the perfect social lubricant.

For some students who are serial party animals, it’s usually more than that.

It’s a habit, which comes from coping with the stress of heavy course loads, and wanting to party all the time.  Maybe it’s the sudden freedom from dictator-like parents.  There’s hundreds of reasons that a student might drink their face off.

As a result of – well, whatever – some students tend to imbibe way more than they should, which leads, for some, to almost constant hangovers.

Some lucky ducks seems immune to hangovers, due to genetics, ethnic background, or a combination of factors, while other people get absolutely DESTROYED for days upon days.

The consequences of hangovers aren’t always visible, but they are always unpleasant.

Let’s take a quick of what actually is a hangover and how can we get over it.

what is a hangover

What is a hangover?

A hangover – that never ending headache and nausea, grumpiness and sore muscles and others.

The thing is, hangover differ from person to person.

Depending on how much you drink, what you drink, bodyweight, and what you ate before you started drinking.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors behind a hangover – different intensities, with different symptoms.

Alcohol contains toxic chemicals that are being absorbed into your body every time you drink.

Depending on how much you drink , the hangover will be proportionally equal to the amount you drink.

The three main parts of our body that are being affected by alcohol drinking are the stomach, the liver, and the brain.

worst hangovers

As we drink more, we get more dehydrated.

Our body is mostly made out of water, including our brain, so when we drink too much our brain literally shrinks because of dehydration and that’s the main reason for that awful headache in the morning after.

Google “reactive dendrites and drinking” sometime…later, not now.  No!!

Also, our stomach gets irritated because of the acidity in alcohol.

Secondly, we have to consider our liver.

The liver is the organ that handles how most of the stuff we eat and drink goes into our bloodstream.

It’s the main guard between toxins and our circulatory system. Alcohol contains ethanol and other toxins, that our liver has to process.

This is the main reason why alcohol abusers get cirrhosis – their liver can’t handle all those toxins and it can’t do it’s main job, of filtering and processing the good and the bad nutrients.

glass of water

Preventing / mitigating a hangover

Ok. so we now whats being affected by alcohol, now we have to protect it.

Water – we should drinks lots of water before, during and after a drinking session.

This will prevent dehydration and will make our body function properly.

I know it’s sounds weird, drinking water between beers, but I can say from my experience that it’s worth it.  It could mean half the hangover you would have had if you do that.

It became a habit for me to drink water during a drinking session, as opposed to just shot after shot after shot.

Food – eating properly before drinking alcohol can get us rid of the after-effects.

Fatty foods will slow down alcohol absorption and will ease the irritation to the stomach.

high carb meal

A high carb meal will also get you rid of the nausea effect and vomiting due to carbs main components – sugar.

Last but not least, drink smart.

That means don’t drink beer and then 3 types of liquor, then beer, then some absinth.  The more you mix, the worse your hangover might be.

Most likely, you won’t know what happened by the time you’re done with that routine.

Once I woke up on a couch 8 hours I tried to wrestle a bouncer – seemed like a fun idea at the time after 5 whiskey shots and a few beers.

I was lost in the sauce.  The bouncer apparently tossed me out of the place like a rag doll, but I have no memory of this – just hearsay.


What to do when I have a hangover? (Does anything work?!?)

There is no such thing as the perfect hangover remedy. We have to understand the causes and we have to respond accordingly.

This is the tough part. The entire room is moving with you (again), your mouth tastes like something weird and you don’t know what to do.

You are very tempted to drink again thinking it’s the fastest way out, but are you really sure about that?

Again, water is essential. Hydrate yourself as much as possible to shorten the hangover duration.

Lemonade or lemon juice is also good to cleanse your liver.

If you drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice this will also be good for your stomach because it will reduce its acidity.

apple cider vinegar w mother

Apple cider vinegar with “the mother” is another good option, as it is said to be a cure of sorts.

Now you should get some vitamins inside you. Vitamins will accelerate the process through which toxins are eliminated out of your body.

I like to eat bananas and apples. A glass of fresh fruit-juice will do just fine.

As a personal trick, I like to take cold, bracing showers for a fast recovery. It’s not that pleasant for everyone, but you should try it!

Lastly, I’ll say this – if you consume a lot of alcohol (toxins), you have no choice but to process the toxins somehow.

The bottom line is, once you’re done abusing your body with these toxins, your only option now is to be nice to yourself, and allow the toxins to work their way out of you.

If that means sleeping for 20 hours and drinking apple cider vinegar and water periodically, then that’s what you have to do.

About The Giant Gippsland Earthworm

“Nobody likes me everybody hates me I think I’ll go and eat some worms.”

My mum used to mockingly say this little saying to me when I was being a little annoying brat.

I imagine she would have been very upset if I actually did eat some worms but I think, mortified if I ate one of these suckers.

Today I want to discuss the Giant Gippsland Earthworm.  AKA…this guy:

Giant Gippsland Earthworm1

I first heard about these amazing animals on a BBC or Channel 4 documentary that I watched and was fascinated.

I couldn’t understand why I had never even heard of such a thing. Surely it is a school duty to teach children about the wonders of this world.

Obviously the creator of Tremors has heard of them and maybe even the creator of Beetlejuice.

The idea of these giant creatures burrowing underneath our feet is kind of creepy and I am sure to many, utterly terrifying.

Personally I love the idea of them churning up the soil and keeping things underground working as they should.

Ok, now the facts, including the important question… How big do they get?

  • Scientific name: Megascolides australis
  • Country / Region of origin: Australia, Gippsland in Victoria
  • Species: Earthworm
  • Weight and size: Now the bit you have been waiting for…. Average is around 80cm long with a 2cm diameter but it can grow up to an enormous 3meters.

(If you think anymore details should be here then just leave a comment and I will add find out and add it)

Australia has around 1000 types of earthworm and the Gippsland worm is the biggest of that kind with the biggest find being approximately 4 meters.

It must be an absolutely haunting thought for many people!

Sadly the minuscule little European counterpart has been introduced and now rules the roost.

They have a dark purple head and a pinkish grey body and live burrows of around 2 meters deep in moist clay areas either close to or under rivers and streams.

They are only found in a small region of Gippsland, Victoria, Australia and sadly due to many factors their numbers are on the decline.

Apparently if you stomp the ground you can hear gurgling which is made when they slide off through their tunnels as quick smart as they can.

The sound of their digging has also been compared to hearing a toilet flush!

I don’t know this for sure but I would imagine that their disturbing of the earth is a very good thing for the environment and it would be as hame to lose these critters, in some peoples eyes (like mine!), beautiful creatures.

Sadly these slippery critters are deemed vulnerable which means that they are threatened and numbers are rapidly declining.

Modern colonization and farming practices are taking a big toll, with herbicides and pesticides seeping into the soil and water being drained from the land.

Herds of animals are disturbing their habitat and even being handled by a human could kill them.

Even though they are earthworms they don’t have the ability to be chopped into several pieces and survive.

One cut on these poor things could lead to them bleeding to death.

Now let’s talk about the raunchy sex life of an average Gippsland Earthworm in an average Gippsland stream bank.

They mate around Spring and Summer laying egg sacs approximately 7cm long which take a year to hatch.

Daddy’s super sperm means that they hatch out at a size of 20cm and are ready to dig themselves through mud for the rest of their lives.

giant earth worm in bass

If you are out today doing the shopping or going to get the car cleaned and you just so happen to pass by Gippsland in Australia then maybe you should stop by the town of Bass.

Bass is the home of the Giant Gippsland Earthworm museum where you can go and find out pretty much everything about them.

Please don’t hate this animal because it’s basically a slimy worm of astronomical size.

People don’t hate sharks that much anymore and they are still eating the occasional person here and there. (well, sharks do get thrown into soup by bad people, so there’s that)

I don’t think you will find any records of an earthworm munching on corpse felled by it’s gruesome slaughter tactics and they keep the soil alive.

The fact that they are endangered and not many people know about them is sad.

Obviously this is a plea for links too but it would be great if you could spread the word about this or any endangered animals that you hear about.

How To Unclog Your Toilet – Tips For Bathroom Success

I once came to the apartment from a class only to find the following posted on the bathroom door: “the toilet is clogged – we went to school to sh*t, good luck . Not a happy feeling. But at least I didn’t had any emergencies.

Ok, what to do now?

Let us discuss how I unclogged the toilet and how else you can do it.


1. Flush the toilet once more. JUST ONCE!

If you’re super lucky it can get unclogged like that. But thats almost never the case.

Don’t flush it twice or more because you’ll risk getting a lot of water in the bathroom and potentially having a flood on your hands.

In case you don’t know, a flood in the bathroom can be more than gross – it can ruin your whole apartment, especially if it’s upstairs!


2. Hot water and detergent mix

This is how I did it. I remembered that a friend told me about this special method he learned from his family.

I started heating up some water (aprox. 3-5 liters) and i’ve added some powder detergent and stirred a bit.

I let the water heat just until its boiling point.

After that i just slowly poured the hot-water-detergent mix into the toilet and left it like that for about an hour.

After that i flushed the toilet and everything stuck down there just went down the pipe, as it should!

This worked because everything that was stuck there got soaked. This made it easier for it to slip away.

Sodium Bicarbonate and Vinegar

3. Sodium Bicarbonate and Vinegar

Put the contents of a sodium bicarbonate box (100-200g) into the toilet. Then pour 1/2 liter of vinegar.

Wait for a bit for the chemistry to happen (10-20-30min).

Pour some hot water and everything should be ok.

plumbing snake

4. Mimic a Plumber Snake

You will most likely not have a plumber snake or any real tool to do this so let us improvise.

Get a wire coat hanger, untwist it and force S-bend into the toilet, as far as you can.

After this, move it back and forth rapidly and also try some circular movement if you can.

If you insist on pushing it enough, it should break the clog and the toilet will begin draining.

Thanks for reading, and do you have any suggestions that we didn’t mention?  Let us know in the comments below!

Chubby Bear to Muscle Bear: Making The Transition #gaybears

Today’s guest blog is by my good friend Morris – nature lover, serial gay bear dater, and mountain biker.

Morris approached me recently wanting to write a blog about muscle bears and fitness, so I said, “Sure, go for it!”

So what you are about to read is more from the perspective of a guy who loves his muscle bears. (see pic – not that muscular, but a fan nonetheless)

I really couldn’t disagree with him more, but he’s a feisty young fellow and he proceeded to harp on me for not wanting to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle. S

o, regardless of my personal tastes, I *promised* him I’d let him do a guest blog, and, to be honest, he’s probably right about some of this stuff.

We all need to look out for our health. Take it away Morris! — CBM

Hey guys, Morris here.

Ok, so…Fitness and health; these are two things that many people today are just not too keen on. This applies to both straights and gays.

Let’s be honest, there are quite a number of gay bears out there who for lack of a better phrase, have …well, completely let themselves go.

This is exactly why the misconception that our community is made up of only double-chinned, hairy men with bulging middle-sections is so entrenched.

You and I however know different. There are many superbly beefy gay bears out there.

Muscle bears (sigh).

In fact over the years I have seen an increase in the number of ardent gym-going bears.

This makes me very happy.

Whether you have recently taken to body building, are planning to or have been doing it for some time, you are going to want to read on.

gay bears

Get That Muscle Bear Tone

I know burgers, pizzas, hot dogs, fries etc taste good; in fact my mouth is watering just writing about them. 

Then again, my metabolism is through the darn roof, so I can’t even put on weight, sadly for some. 😉

However if you want to replace that extra lard with lean muscle you are going to have to take it easy on the fatty stuff; but you already knew that didn’t you?

For some time, the trend in the gay bear community has been that of consuming high-calorie foods as a way of preserving our characteristic huge figures.

Well I am here to inform you that it is possible to stay big without eating junk food (i’m sobbing while saying this).

In fact, anyone who knows anything about putting on muscle mass knows it must be done without eating Doritos!

man who deliberately got fat

The secret to building muscle, as you might know, lies in consuming a good amount of lean protein everyday – and working out of course.

The harder you hit the gym the more protein you should consume.

The best sources of lean protein are poultry, fish, lean beef, pork, dairy and eggs.

If you are not a meat-eater you can get your protein from soy, although soy is rumoured to increase your estrogen, and my cousin eats soy and it almost kills him, soooo.. maybe avoid soy?

As well, you should however be careful about this particular option because of the whole GMO issue. Beans are also a great source of protein.

Protein is however not the only thing you need to make the transition from chubby bear to muscle bear.

For you to be able to stay in the gym long enough to achieve meaningful results, you need to provide your body with sufficient fuel.

BTW, check this guy out.  Nice switch from smaller guy to bigger guy…muscle bear style!

Back to the mission at hand.  So, in other words my lovely bears, you need carbs; lots of them.

There’s this nonsense that some so called health and fitness experts have been peddling around. Basically what they are saying is that, for a person to live a healthy life they have to a eat low-carb diet.

The term that best describes this claim is B.S.

Take it from me, carbs are good for you. Do not, I repeat, do not take heed to what these ignoramuses are saying.

gay bear cartoon

Carbs – Fact and Fiction

There are two types of carbs basically; simple carbs and complex carbs.

Try as much as possible to avoid simple carbs because they promote fat storage and insulin imbalance in the body.

In addition to that, the energy boost you get from them is only short-lived.

So for example if you consume simple carbs during breakfast, hit the gym and then head to work; you will find yourself feeling hungry hours before lunch.

Some sources of simple carbs include soda, corn syrup, white pasta, white bread and basically anything that is made from white flour.

Complex carbs on the other hand will leave you feeling energetic and satisfied for many hours.

Unlike simple carbs which are stored as fat when in excess, complex carbs are stored as glycogen which acts as an energy reserve.

Some of the best sources of complex carbs include whole grain breads and pasta, nuts, seeds and yams.


Always load up on complex carbs before every workout otherwise you will run out of steam midway.

You also cannot ignore your fruits and veggies; just like mommy or daddy or grandma used to tell you back in the day.

I’m going to be very honest with you; this whole business of vitamin supplementation is totally unnecessary in my opinion.

If you have been lifting seriously for a while then there’s every chance that you have been taking a multi-vitamin pill every other day so you probably think this statement is crazy.

Please get me right; I’m not saying that taking multivitamin supplements is a bad thing; not at all.

What I’m saying is that there’s a much better and cheaper alternative.

Fruits and vegetables are laden with all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to maintain a high level of athletic performance and generally keep you healthy.

My favorite post-workout fruits are apples, bananas, strawberries, grapes and pineapples (whenever I can find them). 

Of course, I’m still working on my size.. I may not be bear enough for some of you.


Building mass, bulking up

Now that I have touched on the issue of multivitamin supplementation I think it would only make sense to discuss protein supplementation as it is more popular in body building circles.

I know many fellow bears who take a few scoops of whey powder after every workout.

Why; because they want to build lean mass fast. Let’s get one thing clear; this stuff works pretty well when used correctly; that I can attest to.

I know you have already sensed a ‘but’ in the above statement; well here it is: BUT it won’t make any sense for you to use it if you are already getting sufficient protein from your diet.

In fact eating too much protein can prove detrimental to your health and more specifically the kidneys.

However, if you are a vegan bear I would definitely recommend whey powder since you may not be getting enough proteins from your diet.

Now I need you to understand one thing, making the shift from fat bear (sorry guys) to muscle bear is not going to be easy; that I can promise you.

You need to be super consistent and strong-willed. I’m talking about hitting the gym 2 to 3 times every week for months on end.

The bottom line however is that it is possible. My advice is that you find a good gym and most importantly a fellow bear to train with.

If you are a muscle bear and happen to spot a fellow bear starting out in the gym, don’t try to prove how much better you are than him; spur him on, after all weren’t you in his shoes at one time?

Anyway, thanks for reading folks, maybe I’ll be back again one day to do another guest blog… — XO Morris


The Musings of a Pious Canadian Man Who Loves Trump

In 2017, a devout Canadian man named Ben Hernandez, who happened to be a MAGA devotee, sat down to wax philosophical on Donald Trump’s accomplishments up to that point, as well as Trump’s future in world politics, in what he called a “completely unbiased way”.

This is what he said…

trump vs hilary

The 2016 Presidential Election

On Tuesday, June 16, 2015, the great American real estate developer Donald J. Trump announced that he was officially running for President of the United States.

He had been watching all the things that had been happening to the United States of America over the years and knew that he had to do something to try to save his dearly beloved country and make it great again.

Immediately, many voices cried out that Donald Trump was not serious, and that he would never go through with it.

They asked, “Who would vote for him?” They pounced quickly with all their negativity, hoping to get a band-wagon effect going among the simple-minded to keep them from waking up and thinking.

It was instantly obvious to the discerning observer that they were terrified of Donald Trump. The fear and anguish, and the denial, in their voices could not be hidden.

Deep down inside, they knew that they were up against a formidable opponent. Their own guts–what little they had–told them so.

Like some fraidy-cats whistling to pretend that they are not afraid as they walk past a cemetery at night, they tried to laugh and joke and pretend that they were not afraid of The Donald.

Donald Trump was already famous.

Many people had heard about Donald Trump due to such things as his illustrious real estate career in New York City, and all the books he had written, the board game he produced, and his Apprentice television show, plus so many other activities in his busy and exciting life.

Now, even more people were going to hear even more things about The Donald, to their dismay.

Routinely getting up at 5:00 AM in the morning and staying up until midnight is easy for Donald Trump since he enjoys what he is doing.

Other people, who do not enjoy what they are doing, could sleep in until noon.

Some people are heavy into politics, while others are turned off by it. Some understandably cynical types think that politicians are all alike and that there is no real choice.

They say that rather than the United States of America having two political parties called the Republicans and the Democrats, there is really only one political party in the USA, which they variously call the Republocrats or the Demopublicans.

So, is there any hope? Well, maybe.

Some people claim that the Republican party did not really want Donald J. Trump leading it but that he hijacked it anyway to use for carrying out his own good and noble agenda. That is why there is a chance to Make America Great Again℠ (MAGA).

To help explain the situation, Donald Trump wrote a book called Crippled America: How To Make America Great Again. He said:

“I’m not going to play the same game politicians have been playing for decades–all talk, no action, while special interests and lobbyists dictate our laws. I am shaking up the establishment on both sides of the political aisle because I can’t be bought. I want to bring America back, to make it great and prosperous again, and to be sure we are respected by our allies and feared by our adversaries”

FULL VIDEO: Watch the great American real estate developer Donald J. Trump announce on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 that he is officially running for President of the United States and explain his many good reasons for doing so (51 minutes, 22 seconds):


Man of Destiny

The Tuesday, November 8, 2016 election of Donald John Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America should not be so surprising to anyone.

It probably was destined to happen.

At age 70 The Donald still had plenty of youthful enthusiasm, and sex appeal. His devious political opponent Hitlery Clinton (name changed slightly to protect the identity of the guilty loser) at age 69 had too much of all the wrong type of experience, and wrinkles.

She was a nasty old hag who rudely called those with whom she disagreed a “basket of deplorables.”

After, like, totally losing the election, Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote a book called What Happened (copyright 2017). Her 469 page explanation is something that you should not even bother to read.

Some women talk too much, and write too much, and just don’t know when to shut up.

The short and sweet explanation of what happened, as explained later by President Trump in another one of his brilliant Twitter tweets, is that, “She lost the old-fashioned way, by being a terrible candidate. Case closed.”

So, instead of reading all of crooked Hillary’s whining, and learning to think like a loser, and dwelling on the past, grab one of winner Trump’s great books. He can say so much more in so much less space.

Now, what does all this mean for the future of America?

Well, after the initial four years of Donald J. Trump’s presidency, the people of the United States will definitely want to re-elect him for another four years of unbelievably good and wonderful accomplishment.

The Mainstream Media might still try to criticize him every chance it gets, but it will have lost all credibility by then.

Nobody will listen to it any more. People will have grown tired of all its ridiculous fibs, and fake news, and scare mongering, and constant complaining, and negativity.

The great era of prosperity that President Trump will usher in will speak for itself.

All the economists laid end to end who still could not come to a right and proper conclusion will see how a highly intelligent man of action like Donald Trump does things.

The only thing that will stop shameful politicians from being totally ashamed of themselves and their past uselessness when they see how a real man like President Trump does things is the fact that they have no shame.

After the American people have seen what President Trump can do in eight years, I think we all know what will come next.

I should not even have to say it. But I will say it. The people of the United States will march on the White House and seize Donald Trump by force and crown him King of America for life to the chants of “Long live King Trump!”

At least that is how it ought to work out.

Viewed from every possible angle, and considering every imaginable contributing factor under the sun, this is clearly the only logical conclusion that a rational mind can reasonably come to.

Those who think any differently are obviously totally biased, of low intelligence, and irrational.

They must be nuts, and the enemies of all good, and traitors to their own people, and kind of scummy, and every other bad thing, with no redeeming features whatsoever, and their mothers probably dress them funny too–a real “bucket of degenerates.”

So there!

FUN VIDEO: Time for some comic relief. Watch an assortment of moronic yokels laughingly predict that Donald J. Trump will never become the President of the United States. You can laugh along too–not with them, but at them (5 minutes, 32 seconds):


Man with Energy

The people of the United States of America are so very lucky to have a great and entertaining leader like President Donald J. Trump, who has so much energy even at age 70, and who wants his great country to have plenty of energy too.

President Trump approves of drilling for oil and gas on government lands.

President Trump approves of a nice, new Keystone XL Pipeline to transport oil.

President Trump is so wonderful and generous that he is even willing to build the pipeline using American steel and American labor, rather than forcing Canada to build it and pay for it like he would be fully justified in doing.

In stark and dark contrast, the current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would like to phase out the oil sands, and coal, and every other good thing, and replace them all with carbon taxes.

Then, when Canadians are about to freeze in the dark, the great American President Donald Trump will have to come to the rescue and heroically save the Canadians’ truly sorry butts from the consequences of their own foolishness by transporting up through the nice, new pipeline to Canada some of the abundant and inexpensive oil that the newly energy-independent United States will be producing, to save Canadians from their own great folly in thinking and voting like a bunch of potheads.

This will surely be the inevitable result of the Americans voting in a great POTUS (that is, President of the United States) while the Canadians voted in a big POTHEAD (that is, a legalizer of marijuana).

American President Donald J. Trump is fully expected to be vastly greater than even Canada’s own great and glorious former leader Prime Minister Stephen J. Harper.

Former leader “King” Harper had hoped to make a lasting name for himself by doing good things for the Canadian economy, but sadly, like a righteous man stumbling and falling down before the wicked, he got tricked and pressured and intimidated by the forces of darkness and evil into banning the incandescent light bulb in Canada.

This one senseless act left a most unfortunate dark spot on his record.

This mistake gave the enemies of all good some help to usher in the new age of darkness that they are scheming and plotting to bring about in Canada.

And still they conducted a vicious “hate Harper” election campaign against him anyway and got rid of him.

President Donald Trump is very open-minded and reasonable. He has said that he likes all forms of energy. He loves the concept of solar power.

The only problem is that every time he looked into solar power the payback period was always longer than the lifespan of the solar panels.

The idea of getting unlimited FREE energy from the sun is what suckers people into the pipe dream of solar power.

Then, in typical scam fashion, people find out that before they can get all that supposedly FREE energy they first need to buy expensive solar panels and other equipment.

To make solar power competitive it needs to be heavily subsidized and the conventional energy sources that it is competing against need to be heavily taxed.

An article in a magazine about house building suggested that over the 15 year period from 2000 to 2015 the cost of installing solar power had declined by about two-thirds or 66%.

Of course, this makes one wonder what happened to all the poor suckers who installed solar power in earlier years and decades.

If incremental improvements continue to be made, or especially if some sort of big transformative improvement is made, solar power might someday become viable.

If this ever happens, solar power will finally be able to compete on its own merits instead of always having to lie and cheat like it has done for so long. Enough already of solar power always over-promising and under-delivering.

As the famous, mythical, tycoon Jordon Jekko probably said back in 1987, “The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that coal, for lack of a better word, is good. Coal is right, coal works. Coal clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the creative spirit. Coal, in all of its forms; coal for life, for money, for love, and for knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind.”

As Donald J. Trump said, “Among all the gifts that God gave to America was an abundant supply of natural energy.”

Some researchers say that the USA might have enough recoverable oil to last for 285 years. According to the Department of Energy, US natural gas reserves in the ground could supply the energy needs of the USA for centuries.

It must really suck to have been one of those fraidy-cats who wasted their lives listening to all the chicken littles and chicken bigs who for so many decades have been trying to frighten everyone into thinking that the USA is soon going to run out of energy.

Now, it turns out that the only way that the USA could run out of energy is if bad politicians prevent hard-working Americans from drilling for oil and gas.


Irresponsible Baby Killers

The Mainstream Media is totally frantic and desperate to try to discredit the new American President Donald J. Trump in any way it possibly can, and to undermine his good and benevolent administration that was established to promote law and order, peace and safety, prosperity and happiness, and all the other good things.

But it is utterly unable to find any legitimate fault whatsoever with President Trump honestly and decently by using facts and truth.

So, the Mainstream Medium has even resorted to seeking out witches to help it cast a spell on the people and bewitch them into believing its malicious and false reports.

The Mainstream Medium found an old, divorced, British woman by the name of something like Joanne K. (for Killer?) Growling and tried to channel the gnashing of her teeth at American President Donald Trump because he believed that people should live responsibly and decently and pay their own way in life.

The British Growling woman, on the other hand, wanted American taxpayers to financially support irresponsible people all around the world who screwed around irresponsibly, did not want to be responsible for their own children, actually wanted to kill their own babies, and did not even want to take responsibility for paying the “good” doctors for their “help” in terminating the little problems before they grew into even bigger problems, and developed into teenage problems.

The plot thickens, and sickens: The Growling woman had tried to become rich and infamous by writing about half a dozen stories about witchcraft and sorcery to corrupt the minds of young children, and of any adults foolish enough to read such novels.

One cannot help wondering what these little children would think if they knew and understood that the Growling woman with the sinister smile actually supported snuffing out their type early in their existence, and that if they survived, she just wanted to make a fast buck off them by selling their young, impressionable minds into such shameful nonsense as the sins of witchcraft and sorcery.

It must be truly horrible to have such things on her conscience. Unless, of course, she has no conscience, which would explain all of her unconscionable behavior.

All the supernatural fantasy fiction that she wrote reportedly earned her only about a billion lousy dollars.

Choosing to do things that ought not to be done just to earn a little bit of filthy lucre left her slightly better off financially but more spiritually impoverished than ever before.

Much of the talk these days about abortion is deliberately made confusing and difficult for naive people to understand.

For example, an organization might be called something like “Planned Parenthood” when, in fact, it is actually dedicated to helping people plan to avoid becoming parents.

Calling it “Planned Non-Parenthood” would be more accurate, but might be too revealing and sound too shockingly selfish.

Calling it something like “Aborted Baby Parts Supply Store” might be even more accurate, yet somehow even worse and even more shocking.

There is no need to have a name that is that blunt. The Doctor Mengeles of the world who want small bodies to perform their ghoulish experiments on can still find the place even if it has a more subtle name.

Disturbingly, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau still got elected even after openly demanding that all Members of Parliament in his Liberal Party must support what he euphemistically called “a woman’s right to choose.”

No old-timers with different beliefs would be “grandfathered” or tolerated.

Calling it “an irresponsible woman’s right to murder her little problems before they grow any bigger” would be more accurate, but too blunt.

Even the vilest politicians like to be very smooth of mouth.

Concern is always expressed about any possible theoretical danger to the woman’s life rather than about the very real danger to her partying lifestyle that she is really worried about.

Now, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is requiring religious organizations that apply for government grants to check an attestation box on the application form that basically says that they are not opposed to abortion.

In the past, politicians reportedly would do anything to try to get elected, including kissing yicky little babies.

Politics has certainly come a long way since then, and politicians now just have to support a woman’s imagined right to kill any unwanted body that happens to be growing inside her own body (often as a result of her own sexual immorality).

One of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s favorite dirty tricks is to try to pass off all of his own perverse values as “important Canadian values.”

From marijuana smoking, to transvestitism and gender confusion, to homosexuality, and even baby killing, everything that was once considered to be wrong, and immoral, and sinful, and shameful, and criminal, is now being foisted on everyone in the country of Canada as something to be proud of, and the only acceptable belief to have.

Anyone who thinks any differently is now viciously attacked and condemned as an “ignorant, small-minded, bigoted, racist, homophobic pervert” who is guilty of some monstrous “hate crime” that needs to be dealt with by a kangaroo court that specializes in upholding the so-called “rights” of perverts under the guise of being concerned about “Human Rights.”

No wonder some people miss the good old days when such things as honesty, decency, and hard work were passed off as “important Canadian values.”

In the past, but not now, you might even have been able to talk about free speech and freedom of religion being important to Canadians. It is amazing how quickly biblical principles of human decency can be replaced by utter depravity as an “important Canadian value.”

Canada is a modern example of a large and prosperous nation that is openly rejecting the God of the Bible and turning to everything that He said is a perversion, detestable, and an abomination.

It will be very interesting to watch and see the inevitable consequences of this sort of behavior.

In the campaign leading up to the October 19, 2015 Federal election in Canada, Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau openly criticized Prime Minister Stephen Harper of the Conservative Party for never having gone to a gay pride parade.

In this context, Justin Trudeau self-righteously declared that Stephen Harper did not represent all Canadians. Stephen Harper was left rather defenceless, as he did not dare to say anything against abortion or the LGBTQ agenda.

The wicked would have jumped down his throat and torn his heart out.

Ironically, now that he is the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau does not represent all Canadians either. Justin Trudeau chooses to represent only those who in the past might have been incarcerated for their bad behavior.

Considering that “diversity” and “inclusiveness” are some of Justin Trudeau’s favorite buzzwords, one might have carelessly assumed that there would be room for everyone, both good and bad, in Canada.

But, apparently not.

Some professing Christians, some Jews, and even some Muslims, are not happy with Dictator Justin Trudeau’s heavy-handed approach in trying to force everyone to say that they support baby-killing.

Rather than having a mixture of good and evil, like the words “diversity” and “inclusiveness” seemed to imply, it turned out that Justin Trudeau actually supported only pure evil.

Hmm…a politician being pure evil. Who would have thunk it?

Some people become doctors because they want to help people and heal them. Some people become doctors for the great prestige. Some people become doctors for the high pay.

And some people become doctors because they have a mean streak in them and get a thrill out of tearing babies apart limb from limb in their mothers’ wombs, or burning them to death with fatal solutions.

Other abortion doctors might argue that they are just doing a dirty job that somebody has to do and that they are actually cold, dispassionate, professional baby killers who are in it for the money rather than the thrill of the kill.

Those who use the services of these professional baby killers often act like what they have chosen to do to their own children is not really their own fault as long as they hire a doctor of death to do the dirty work for them, and get someone else, such as the US taxpayer, to pay the killer.

The problem is that since the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, American doctors have performed about 60 million abortions. The cost of supporting worldwide infanticide could really add up.

Come now, and let us reason together like rational human beings. When a mobster wants to get rid of someone he does not like, and puts out a “hit” on the person, the mobster pays to have the job done.

The mobster does not expect someone else to pay for it. Too many people around the world are not even as classy and responsible as the typical mobster.

Irresponsible dingos all around the globe want to hire doctors to murder their babies and then have American taxpayers foot the bill for the infanticide.

It is safe to conclude that President Trump is clearly right to advocate personal responsibility, and that his utterly depraved critics are clearly in the wrong yet again.

In life-giving contrast to the stuffy, old, fiction-writing Growling woman, and the selfie-absorbed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who are both surrounded by the stench of death, the great American President Donald J. Trump is like a breath of fresh air.

President Trump is a great American family man (with three beautiful families to prove it) who represents the right and prosperous way to live, and all the good things that money can buy.

He kept his five children from his three marriages, and supported them.

Quote for today from the Holy Bible:
“The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men.”

Psalm 12:8, NIV

nice day outside

Fake Climate Science

The Friday, January 20, 2017 inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America will bring about a new golden age for the so-called “scientific community” in the USA.

Scientists will no longer be muzzled and forced to support political agendas devised by shameful traitors to the American way of life.

Now, scientists will finally be free to come to the right correct conclusions, instead of being forced by “man-made global warming” thugs to come to all the wrong politically correct conclusions.

Finally, science will be done right again, and will once again become a real joy.

Little school children will once again be able to go home and enjoy playing with their toy dinosaurs.

No longer will a generation of school children be frightened by shameful adults telling them scary fibs to try to mess up their innocent little minds for life with the New False Religion of “man-made global warming.”

The depressing false prophets of doom who were All Gore and No Good have now been Trumped by a man who is all optimism and sunshine and money and pretty women and common sense.

It does not get much better than that for the cause of true science.

But, just how did the “man-made global warming” scammers come up with their advertised “97% consensus among scientists” that their deliberate, outright fibs had some truth in them?

The short and simple answer is that 90% of data is just made up anyway (source: Wally in the Dilbert cartoons).

Other, even more reliable, sources say that 100% of the “man-made global warming” data was made up. But there is an even deeper and more disturbing aspect.

To truly understand it, we need to consider the history of scientists from some of the very earliest known times.

We need to go all the way back to World War II. This historical perspective will help us to understand the true nature of the “scientific” mind and how it operates.

Scientists have always been the slaves of their political masters.

During World War II some of the brightest scientists around, the rocket scientists, worked in Nazi Germany for a mean-spirited and vindictive old fart by the name of Adolf Hitler.

They obediently did as they were told, as is the nature of scientists.

They worked wherever there was a paycheck. They worked for whoever gave them a paycheck. They did whatever they were told to do for the paycheck.

Like scientists tend to do, they made their invention sound innocuous by calling it the A-4.

In a Freudian slip, their puppet master Adolf Hitler called it what it really was: Vengeance Weapon #2, or V-2 for short. These rocket scientists later claimed that they were actually space explorers who were really just shooting for the moon. Usually, they hit London, England instead.

After the war, the luckier rocket scientists were brought to America under Operation Paperclip, where they got to work for their new political masters and serve a better cause.

Their Nazi pasts got expunged from the official records, their reputations got retroactively rehabilitated, and they slipped into the history books as space explorers who had just gotten a little sidetracked during the war.

They went on to spend billions of American taxpayer dollars on some pointless, artificial, ego-driven, “race to the moon” that some political hack came up with to get the voters’ minds off his personal affairs–and I do mean his personal affairs.

Still later, rocket scientists invented the Space Shuttle for the purpose of carrying supplies to the International Space Station, and invented the International Space Station for the purpose of making work for the Space Shuttle.

Less lucky rocket scientists ended up in Russia working for their new political masters over there and serving another bad cause.

All the German rocket scientists, wherever they ended up, were relatively lucky, considering that A.

Hitler had planned to have them all executed rather than let them fall into enemy hands. Scientists truly are at the disposal of their political masters.

So, we see that scientists do whatever their political masters tell them to do, no matter how morally questionable, for the money.

Now where have we seen that sort of behavior before? And what inevitable conclusion does this lead to?

That’s right. You guessed it. Modern scientists are just a small subset of those oldest known professionals called prostitutes.

The main difference is that, due to the nature of the job, the scientists are forced to sell their minds too as well as their bodies.

Since scientists have done such great and wonderful things for humanity as designing intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear payloads, everyone looks up to them with shock and awe.

This adulation of those who come up with faster and more efficient ways to kill everyone on planet Earth has led to every scammer and con-artist pretending that his own selfish agenda is based on “science” too.

Unfortunately, the cause of true science got set back literally hundreds of years (or at least until January 20, 2017) by some political, “man-made global warming” scam.

Scientists logically and obediently followed the money and did as they were told by their political masters.

They produced the “research” that they were paid to produce.

They did not want to be blackballed and have their careers ruined by being labelled “deniers,” or even “skeptics,” after their political masters had already decided what “science” results they wanted and had already loudly and firmly and arbitrarily decreed that the debate was already over before it had even begun and that the “science” was “settled.”

With all their higher education, scientists are usually smart enough to figure out who they need to please, and what conclusions they need to come to in order to please them, if they want to get any research grants or ever see another paycheck.

One of the truly wonderful things about Donald J. Trump taking over the leadership of the USA when he is 70 years of age is that he will have so much experience, and will know so much, and will have so much common sense, that he will not be fooled by all the fake “science” and its hot air.

He will look at the cash flows and know right away what is going on. He will tweak the cash flows.

Then, all the cowardly “scientists” who previously were intimidated by all the corrupt politicians will suddenly be able to quietly and discretely and safely shift over to the right and true and good side of the issue and form a 107% consensus that “man-made global warming” is really just intimidation, and is not really science at all.

In fact, being so practical, and such fast learners, you can expect 105% of scientists to soon make it sound like they were among the 3% of scientists who previously questioned the whole hot air scam.

FULL VIDEO: Watch Richard Lindzen, Emeritus Professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT, talk about the Political Science behind “man-made global warming” in this short video called Climate Change: What Do Scientists Say? (5 minutes, 4 seconds):

FULL VIDEO: Watch a really smart scientist, a Nobel Laureate (whatever that is), by the name of Ivar Giaever give a speech at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings (which is the 2015 copyright holder of this video) called Global Warming Revisited about the New Religion of “man-made global warming” (29 minutes, 47 seconds):

FULL VIDEO: Watch a video called The Great Global Warming Swindle that was originally broadcast on March 8, 2007 on British Channel 4. This documentary, by British television producer Martin Durkin, argues against the virtually unchallenged consensus that global warming is man-made. A statement from the makers of this film asserts that the theory of anthropogenic global warming could very well be “the biggest scam of modern times” (1 hour, 15 minutes, 56 seconds):


And then there’s this…


Malignant Amateur Psychologists

The Mainstream Media’s continuing shameless attempts to attract attention to itself in any way it can (to keep itself from becoming totally irrelevant and totally ignored) have caused it to scrape up some malignant amateur psychologists from off the bottom of its own “bucket of degenerates” to say that American President Donald J. Trump is “mentally ill” and that he is suffering from “narcissistic personality disorder.”

Talk about practicing nonsense with or without a license!

Disappointingly, but not surprisingly, they totally misunderstand and misapply all the psycho-babble stuff about “narcissistic personality disorder [being] a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance….”

These self-styled amateur psychos just don’t get it.

American President Donald Trump does not have “an inflated sense of his own importance.”

President Trump really is the most important and powerful man in the whole wide world today.

It is not narcissistic at all of The Donald to think that he is the most important and powerful man on earth when in fact he really is the most important and powerful man on earth.

President Donald Trump actually said it was sobering to be handed the codes to launch a nuclear attack.

Of course, this just sounds like false modesty coming from that humble man.

Donald Trump is always sober. He does not drink alcohol.

In disturbing contrast, his enemies without a cause often sound like they are high on illegal drugs.

It is so nice and comforting and reassuring to know that we can all sleep safely and soundly and peacefully at night, without a care in the world, now that the nuclear codes are safely in the hands of a sensible and stable man like President Donald J. Trump.

Of course, it is frightening to think about what would happen if these nuclear codes ever fell into the hands of the Mainstream Media’s malignant amateur psychologists.

Their dangerous little bit of poorly understood psycho-babble nonsense knowledge would definitely cause them to totally misjudge every other world leader as well, and bring about World War III.

xi jinping

Shakedown Artists

American President Donald J. Trump is working hard to bring back to the United States of America the manufacturing jobs that went to China, the Internet technology jobs that went to India, and the automotive assembly jobs that went to Mexico.

After working hard all his own life, and loving it, Donald Trump would like other Americans to share in the American dream as well.

Sadly, President Trump is encountering a lot of perverse resistance to his many planned good deeds.

Many other people were unsuccessful in life and never amounted to anything good at all, but rather ended up becoming economists, psychologists, politicians, mainstream media bums, and other riffraff.

As such abject failures themselves, they ought to watch and learn from The Donald how to do things right and get things done–on time and under budget.

But, their minds are permanently bent out of shape.

They all suffer from extremely severe cases of what has been called excusitis, the failure disease.

All these negative, discouraging, shakedown artists can ever do is talk endlessly about why it is not possible for anyone to ever do anything positive, and why nothing can ever be fixed, and why no problem can ever be solved, and why nothing can ever be accomplished.

They bring together and use their own lengthy, multi-disciplinary record of ineffectiveness and total failure to try to discourage everyone else.

Donald J. Trump went to Norman Vincent Peale’s Marble Collegiate Church in New York, and learned a lot from this man who wrote a book called The Power of Positive Thinking.

In stark contrast to all the losers, Donald Trump knows all about the power of positive thinking, how to think big, and how to get things done–on time and under budget.

That is why The Donald has the billions of dollars, the nice skyscrapers, the fancy cars, and the beautiful women, while his critics have nothing but their own poverty of thought and substance to wallow in.

The Donald is used to winning the game of life, while his critics are used to losing the game of life.

nancy pelosi

Perverse Bullies

American President Donald J. Trump, as the representative of everything that is wholesome and good in the world, has promised to repeal the “Johnson Amendment” from about 60 years ago that threatens the tax-exempt status of churches that talk about politics.

This is sure to send the wicked into satanic fits of rage. Talking both politics and religion has always been good for some real excitement.

The wicked, for their own selfish reasons, have always wanted the total “separation of the righteous and the state,” but never the “separation of the wicked and the state.”

They want to have government of the bad people, by the bad people, and for the bad people. They are terrified by the thought of having government of the good people, by the good people, and for the good people.

President Donald Trump believes in defending FREE SPEECH, which some bad people were hoping to get rid of forever and replace with the concept of PERVERSE SPEECH, where only those who hate God are allowed to express their opinions, and get to label anything they disagree with as “hate speech” and have it legally banned, and get to bully everyone else.

These intolerant perverts would like to ban certain biblical passages that expose their behavior for what it really is, while passing themselves off as valiant freedom fighters for standing up to defend the vilest forms of pornography imaginable and unimaginable.

As Donald Trump wrote,

“The fact is that our deep-rooted religious beliefs have made this country great. That belief in the lessons of the Bible has had a lot to do with our growth and success.”

“That’s our tradition, and for more than 200 years it has worked very well.”

The comparatively devout and righteous Presbyterian Donald J. Trump envisions something truly wonderful for sincere believers all across the United States of America.

This will be a great opportunity for the churches to use their freedom to promote the good ways of God as taught in the Bible to show everyone how to live properly and decently for the good of all. Biblical principles are what really made America great.

Hopefully, the churches will not just misuse their newly restored mouth rights by getting too Pharisaical and trying to force their own numerous, unbiblical, man-made, pagan-based customs and traditions on everyone else.

The Roman Catholic Church especially, but also its numerous Protestant daughter churches, do have a long history of making that terrible mistake.

Jesus warned about those who reject the commandments of God in order to keep their own traditions.

And, of course, the good ways of God should never be confused with the bad ways of some modern, greedy, unAmerican and unChristian televangelists whose thinking and scheming and preaching is entirely about getting their hands in other people’s wallets.

At a time in American history when many scoundrels would like to intimidate others into thinking that it is not appropriate to mention God, American President Donald J. Trump boldly tweeted this on Thursday, February 8, 2018:

“Our founders invoked our Creator four times in the Declaration of Independence. Our currency declares ‘IN GOD WE TRUST.’

And we place our hands on our hearts as we recite the Pledge of Allegiance and proclaim that we are ‘One Nation Under God.'”

The real reason that some people have such an insane and violent hate-on against American President Donald J. Trump is that they are afraid he might not go along with all the extremely bad and unAmerican things that they want to do.

The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised As Freedom helps to explain the BIG PICTURE of what is going on. The next time you are at a LIBRARY or USED BOOK SALE or BOOKSTORE, remember to ask about this book by David Kupelian (copyright 2005, 2015).

hollywood group photo

Hollywood and Other Dens of Iniquity

American President Donald J. Trump is the biggest reality television-radio-book-Internet celebrity star around.

Everyone who is anyone is tuning in to watch him. His ratings keep on soaring higher and higher.

Donald Trump does not get drunk, or smoke tobacco products, or misuse illegal drugs, or have tattoos or weird body piercings, or have any doubts that he is a real man who loves beautiful women.

He is clearly what a real American man was meant to be.

Inevitably, and so sadly, this brings out the envy and jealousy of all the burned out, tattoo-covered, celebrity wannabes, who lay around drunk in gutters everywhere with cigarette butts dangling from their lips to try to act “cool.” When they contrast their own sordid behavior with Donald Trump’s upright behavior, which by comparison is as pure as the driven snow, they fear that all the bad examples they have tried to set will be countered and undone by him.

Those in Hollywood, and various other dens of iniquity, whose opinions never used to matter, and whose opinions still do not matter, are now clamouring loudly for some attention too. It is a very competitive and nasty business, that show business.

There is a very real fear gripping Hollywood that soon everybody will be watching The Donald show live, all day, every day, and nobody will bother watching the trashy productions of the talent-less, gender-confused, tattoo-covered, Hollywood drug addicts and sex perverts any more.

Even teleholics can eventually grow tired of the same old stupid smut over and over and over all the time.

The producers of this stuff will have to pump into their shows even more canned laughter and fake clapping and cheering sounds to compensate for the fact that no real people will be watching any of it anymore.

Think about what is on television and it will quickly become clear that the Prime Objective of television programming must obviously be to try to corrupt the morals of the nation.

Comedies that are marketed as “wickedly funny” invariably turn out to be just wicked. One fellow watched a modern, space age, science fiction movie about astronauts hundreds of years in the future in a galaxy far, far away.

What do you suppose they were doing? The fellow said he couldn’t help noticing that they were still taking the Lord’s name in vain.

Taking the Lord’s name in vain seems to be a requirement for those who want to become actors.

It appears to be an even more important requirement than the requirement for aspiring female actors to take their clothes off and sleep with the producer on the “casting couch.”

In addition to the Prime Objective of trying to corrupt the nation, another, secondary, reason for television trying to get people mentally and emotionally addicted to watching it is so that more money can be generated from advertising.

Since nobody will be watching their stupid shows anyway, they might as well sell even more of the program time to greedy advertisers.

It probably needs to be pointed out that while it is not necessarily wrong to watch images on a television screen, it usually is wrong if the images were produced in Hollywood.

And while it is not necessarily wrong to listen to the sounds from a television’s speakers, it usually is wrong if the noise was produced in Hollywood.

Television did not necessarily have to be used for evil, even though it previously has been. Now, with the coming of Donald Trump, television can finally be used for good.

While he “drains the swamp” in Washington, maybe Donald Trump can also “drain the sewer” in Hollywood.

Donald Trump achieved what he did by honest hard work and by good clean living. In sharp black and white contrast, with zero shades of grey, the Hollywood derelicts chose to take what they thought was the easy way of illicit sex, illegal drugs, and rock and roll noise.

The big difference is that Donald Trump is a REAL CELEBRITY who became rich and famous by doing things that were generally useful and good, whereas the Hollywood celebrity wannabes are just a bunch of ACTORS who tried to get rich and famous by doing things that were useless and bad. It is probably theologically significant that the Greek word for actor is hypocrite.

Quote for today from the Holy Bible:

“Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.”

Leviticus 19:28, NIV


Fashion Blunders

Someone said, “The US president is a billionaire who brags about paying no tax. Can you imagine?” Yes, it is very easy to imagine that.

After all, he is a very, very smart man. He does not have to pay advertising costs either. The media gives him free advertising.

American President Donald J. Trump, the great media relations genius, helpfully suggested recently that women who work for him in government should dress appropriately, that is, like women.

This had the easily predictable effect of causing all the usual enemies of all good taste to start flapping their gums as if he had said something wrong, rather than give good, sound, sensible, decent, old-fashion fashion advice, as indeed he had.

But hey, free publicity is free publicity, and a highly sophisticated, media savvy, well-dressed man like Donald Trump certainly knows how to get it.

There is a line of clothing with The Donald’s name on it, so obviously he must know all about these things, and everyone would be very wise to pay close attention when he speaks.

The Donald dressed for success and became the president of the United States of America on Friday, January 20, 2017.

What do you want to dress for? Would you like to end up in the White House, or would you prefer to end up on a transvestite float in some LGBTQlmnop parade?

It is entirely your own lifestyle choice, unless it is your mother who is dressing you funny.

The labels on the Trump brand shirts currently say that they were made in such places as Indonesia and Bangladesh.

It will be absolutely wonderful when President Donald Trump, the world’s foremost fashion authority, brings back those jobs to America so men can dress better by wearing nice white Donald J. Trump shirts that say “Made in the USA” on the little tags.

Some people have an agenda of trying to get men to wear earrings and pink shirts, and to have long hair.

They do not want men to look like, or act like, traditional men. They also want women to be dissatisfied with their lot in life, get very short haircuts, dress like men, and wear the pants, and wear the pants, and wear the pants.

There was a time when what women really wanted was pantyhose that didn’t run.

Now, what some women really want is to rule the world. They want patriarchy to go out of fashion, and have rabid feminism become the latest style.

A conspiracy against the natural order of things has developed recently to try to mix up and confuse children from an early age.

The plan is to teach girls that it is not good to be a girl, that they should basically regret having being born females, and that they should act and dress like boys.

At the same time, the boys are to be taught to be sissies, and to dress like girls.

Every child is to be taught that they probably are not really whatever gender they were actually born as.

The conspirators do not want anyone to have to list their actual biological gender on official government documents such as birth certificates or driver licenses.

The goal is to have complete gender confusion.

Of course, not all women want men in the women’s washrooms. Not everyone at school or elsewhere wants to shower with other people of the opposite sex.

Not all parents want their children to grow up confused by their teachers about whether they are boys or girls. In the olden days, a guy trying to slip into the women’s washrooms and showers would have been considered to be one of the sickest perverts around, and both men and women would have chased the guy out of there, and maybe even out of town.

Now, however, the conspiracy calls for everyone to feel sorry for the guy who wanted to pretend to be a female, to sympathize with him for having been “bullied,” and to accuse the women of being small-minded, homophobic bigots who are full of “hate” for not wanting the guy in their bathrooms and showers.

The plan calls for parents who object to this sort of behvior to have some so-called “social worker” play mind games on them and try to tell them that they are the ones in the wrong, that evil is now good, that good is now evil, and that they might have their children taken away from them and put in the home of a more enlightened so-called “family” if they do not get with the program.

When God made the first people, Adam and Eve, he created them male and female. God wanted them to reproduce and multiply and fill the earth.

Of course, God did not create Adam and Steve, or else the whole plan of God to have people reproduce would have gotten literally all buggered up from the very beginning.

Nevertheless, some self-styled social activists now want to make adjustments to God’s plan for making males and females so they can…umm, get together…and reproduce and multiply and fill the earth.

These anti-social activists have reportedly invented 57+ different “genders” so far.

It remains to be seen whether the fashion industry will make an endless variety of clothes to accommodate endless imagined “genders.”

In recent decades, it seemed like the fashion industry was already trying to take the easy way out and make a one-size-fits-everyone garment for males and females, and call it unisex clothing.

Making and selling clothes that actually fit well was too much trouble for some manufacturers and retailers.

The one-size-fits-all idea resulted in shirts that fit so poorly that many men were embarrassed to take their jackets off.

Interestingly, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dressed up as Superman, while his small son wore a pink princess dress, for Halloween 2017.

It is not at all surprising that a French Catholic former drama teacher like Justin Trudeau would observe a weird, unbiblical, pagan-based custom like Halloween.

But still, it might have been a better idea to dress up himself and his son to look like real men instead of to resemble fictional characters.

Justin Trudeau could have dressed up like Donald Trump, and his son could have dressed up like The Donald’s son Barron Trump.

That is, if they thought that they just had to observe a weird custom like Halloween that is all about committing fashion sins and petty crimes.

Quote for today from the Holy Bible:

“A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this.”

Deuteronomy 22:5, NIV

Fake News

The great and glorious 45th president of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, has been maligned and slandered relentlessly by FAKE NEWS sources all across the land.

All the bad people who support all the bad causes have ganged up to try to cause trouble for President Trump and the other good, decent, sensible people of America who voted right.

The evildoers do not want all their nefarious plots to destroy America to be thwarted.

They do not want to concede their defeat and accept their shame. They want to go on whining and rioting like the lifelong criminals that they really are.

As long as they can get bused in and paid to demonstrate their bad manners, they will.

Nevertheless, there is still hope to Make America Great Again℠ (MAGA) and, after the initial four years, to Keep America Great.

Remember that all the millions of illegal aliens voting illegally, and all the electronic ballot boxes programmed to vote for the Hitlery woman, plus all the bad people in America combined and voting wrong, still could not defeat SuperTrump in the November 8, 2016 election.

He is really just that great. He is truly a-w-e-s-o-m-e-!

In the interest of supporting free speech, honest reporting, and good news, I would humbly like to recommend that everyone immediately look up @realDonaldTrump on Twitter and bookmark it for future reference.

This way, you can stay current with what is really happening in America and the rest of the world.

You can skip all the FAKE NEWS that everyone else is making up and go straight to the most informed and reliable news source on the entire planet today, the current American president himself.

Who better to tell you what the news is than the very man who makes the news, and who does both with such style?

So, do not delay. Check this out today and become a follower of The Donald’s greatness.

Oh what an exceedingly great privilege and honor it is to read President Trump’s wise Twitter tweets!

And what sweet tweets they are. He keeps his tweets so concise and to the point. In fact, you might notice that they are all very brief.

This is very interesting. In fact, it is amazing. A careful statistical analysis of over 30,000 of his tweets will reveal that they never go more than 140 characters long.

And do you know why that is? I will tell you why. It is because he is such a great man of action, who talks little while doing much. He does not ramble on and on like other mere talkers.

It is no wonder that American President Donald J. Trump had over 40 million followers on Twitter by October of 2017.


Witches and Hocus-Pocus

A great spiritual war is raging away in the United States of America.

The Mainstream Media has been utterly unable to find any respectable people anywhere who have anything bad at all to say about American President Donald J. Trump and the smooth and successful roll-out of his new administration with its many wise policies to do what is right and just and fair.

So, the Mainstream Medium turned to really bad people and asked them what evil thoughts they had about it.

Witches all across the USA suddenly became totally unhinged and started to cackle with fiendish delight about how they were plotting to cast “a spell to bind Donald Trump and all those who abet him.”

The plan reportedly drew a global response from witches, traditional African spiritual groups, practitioners of hoodoo, voodoo and santeria, and even so-called “christian” folk magicians.

Participants are supposed to repeat the spell during every waning crescent moon — i.e., March 26 of 2017, April 24, May 23, June 21, July 21, Aug. 19 and so on — until President Trump is booted from office.

To be opposed by witches everywhere, President Trump obviously must be doing something right.

In defence of the president, something called the Christian Nationalist Alliance announced that it was mobilizing “all Christian soldiers” to read from the 23rd Psalm in the Bible during each of the crescent moon rituals to counter all the bippity-boppity-boo types and their hocus-pocus.

While this might be the nice, thoughtful, and patriotic thing to do, it probably is not necessary.

The witches’ plan to use such things as “an unflattering photo of Donald Trump,” a candle with which to burn it, plus various other pagan junk in their silly and superstitious rituals, guarantees that their wicked plan is doomed to fail right from the very start.

Again, notice that the witches’ plan calls for the use of “an unflattering photo of Donald Trump.”

Now where have you ever seen an “unflattering” photo of Donald Trump? That’s right. They do not exist.

The Donald is so very photogenic that every picture ever taken of him looks good. Oh, sure, someone could attempt to photo-shop a picture of Donald Trump to try to make him look bad, but it is highly unlikely that they could ever succeed.

Photo-shop does not have the advanced technical capability that would be necessary to make Donald Trump look bad.

The conspirators would have to use a totally different picture of someone else entirely. This would be cheating, but it would not be beneath the unscrupulous types who hate good government.

In stark and ugly contrast to the handsome President Trump, the witches do not look so good themselves with warts on their crooked old noses.

Witches and other hocus-pocus types would like to imagine that they have magical powers to cast spells, mix effective potions, see the future, and perform other amazing supernatural feats.

Even when, deep down inside, they know very well that they do not really have the power to do any of those things, they would still like to fool other people into thinking that they do.

Watching too many weird and crazy television shows full of sorcerers, vampires, witches, zombies, and other freaks has caused a lot of people to wish that they too had supernatural powers like the actors appear to have.

Teleholics often forget that the television shows are produced using trick photography and trained stuntmen, and that nobody should ever try any of those stunts at home.

Peddling hocus-pocus to ignorant, gullible, morally deficient people has become a multi-billion dollar racket.

Many unscrupulous men and women have found that they can make a little bit of filthy lucre by selling all sorts of lies and nonsense, from astrology to zombies, and every other bad thing in between them.

Before you buy into any of it, and exchange your good money for someone else’s bad lies, remember the story of a woman inside a tent who was sitting on a chair in front of a small, round table that she had her crystal ball set on.

A potential customer walked through the entrance of the tent and asked the woman if she could tell him the winning number of the upcoming lottery.

The woman replied, “Do you think that I would be here working at this lousy job if I knew that?”

The fact is that humans are human, and sometimes inhuman, but never superhuman. People simply do not have magical powers.

What some people do seem to have is dung for brains.

So, unless some people truly are heavenly blessed and worldly wise like The Donald, they ought to stop kidding themselves about their abilities.

There is a vast difference between a hard-working, productive, intelligent, good-looking man like President Donald J. Trump (who builds sensational skyscrapers and plans wonderful walls of defence), and all the useless, unproductive, superstitious types like witches and other hocus-pocus quacks (who just chirp and mutter all the time).

It is not surprising that so many people have been bamboozled by hocus-pocus these days.

Even decades ago already, a company called Walt Disney–which tried to market its productions as harmless entertainment for children–was using its “magical world” to glorify such things as witchcraft and sorcery, taking a correspondence course about how to become a witch from a book called Spells of Astoroth, escaping to (rather than from) some witch’s mountain, etc.

One of the so-called heroes in one of the Walt Disney movies was all goo-goo ga-ga about Eastern mysticism, and had travelled to the Far East where some guru had taught him about “the inner life in inanimate objects” such as spoons and junky little foreign cars from Nazi Germany.

Very interestingly, the supposedly mean and nasty villain in the movie was a well-dressed developer who wanted to build a skyscraper, which the so-called heroes in the movie were opposed to.

The so-called heroes in the movie remained stubborn and intransigent to the very end, while the developer remained open-minded and flexible, and eventually built around the nuts. Is there ever anything new under the sun?

Quote for today from the Holy Bible:

“When you enter the land the LORD your God is giving you, do not learn to imitate the detestable ways of the nations there. Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD, and because of these detestable practices the LORD your God will drive out those nations before you. You must be blameless before the LORD your God.”

Deuteronomy 18:9-13, NIV

trump paris accord

The Paris Climate Accord

After fairly and impartially hearing all sides of the matter, American President Donald J. Trump came to the only reasonable conclusion that a sensible man could possibly come to, and announced on June 1, 2017 that he is withdrawing the USA from the Paris Climate Accord.

He obviously realized that a scam is a scam is a scam. You can rest assured that The Donald did not become a multi-billionaire by falling for such scams.

Americans can be proud to have a president who is man enough to stand up to the insane international mob and do what is right, rather than go along with the crowd consensus in doing evil to America.

The other one hundred plus so-called “world leaders” who are going along with the hot air talk and tax scam ought to be ashamed of themselves.

They want to transfer millions of jobs out of America and into their own countries.

They want to charge America hundreds of billions of dollars for nothing.

America has too many of these frenemies, that is, those who pretend to be friends but are actually enemies.

Americans appear to have been getting very lucky lately. The topic of luck is a very interesting and complicated one.

Americans often try to make their own luck. The more they vote for Donald Trump and support him, the luckier they seem to get.

(Other people, such as some Canadians, appear to have a desire to self-sabotage, or have a financial death wish, or as someone described it they have an “inner knucklehead,” or maybe an outer pothead.)

Americans have been blessed with a great leader who is not only a business genius but a scientific genius as well.

What a rare and truly awesome combination of talent! Other so-called “world leaders” are running around in circles crying that, “The sky is warming!” and, “We need to carbon-tax the American people back into the stone age!”

In stark contrast, President Trump single-handedly stopped this “man-made global warming” rip-off dead in its tracks with the stroke of a pen!

It turns out that President Trump was totally right all along. There really are no problems that cannot be solved!

One major reason why the New False Religion of “man-made global warming” was so easy to sell to the masses is that it did not require the converts to have any brains or any morals at all.

Members of the “man-made global warming” cult could be totally sexually immoral, and even utterly depraved, irresponsibly spreading sexually transmitted diseases everywhere, and yet pretend that they were good, noble, brave heroes who were unselfishly concerned about “saving the planet.”

This sort of disgusting and totally hypocritical behavior was bound to be very popular in places like Hollywood, not to mention in some high school and college classrooms.

It is not surprising that Hollywood is becoming jealous of President Trump and acting petty.

All the fake superheroes of Hollywood only support bad causes and make things worse.

Batman hangs upside down too long until he screws around with Cat Woman, Spider Man weaves deceitful webs and needs to be squished, Thor is a false god, Captain America is fiction, and Superman can’t even ride a horse without falling off and breaking his back.

Only President Trump can save America now and make it great again. Watch and learn as President Trump single-handedly changes the political climate, the scientific climate, the media climate, and the world’s climate. It is no wonder that everyone who is anyone is in awe of his awesomeness.

Unfortunately, there are those who are nobodies. Some Euro-trash type was reported by the fake media to be accusing President Trump of acting like a “drunk tourist” on his visit to Europe.

Of course, this is totally false. Donald Trump does not drink alcohol. He is always sober.

However, it is not surprising that bad people would accuse him of the very things that they themselves are guilty of.

In all fairness, it must be remembered that the fake media consists of a bunch of partying audio-visual types (that is, drunken pornography addicts), and it is not beyond them to try to turn the truth around and inside out until it becomes as perverted as they are.

In a world gone mad, with crazy, raging, rioting, traitorous, brain-damaged, sub-human types like the Demonrats worrying themselves sick over the FAKE PROBLEMS that they themselves have made up and spread around with their FAKE NEWS, it is so comforting and encouraging to know that a very stable genius like President Donald J. Trump is out there working super-hard, virtually day and night, with his vastly superior intelligence, to make everything better. ☺

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Quitters and Obstructionists

Some people still think that the great American President Donald J. Trump might quit, be impeached, or blow up.

This is all highly unlikely. Donald Trump wrote the book on Surviving at the Top, as well as Think Big, Think Like a Champion, and Never Give Up.

Quitting is for Canadians like Kevin O’Leary, who did not even finish running for the leadership of the Conservative party, much less the leadership of the country.

Kevin did not seem to know that winners never quit, and that quitters never win. He lacked the important quality of perseverance.

That is why The Donald is so successful while Kevin is not. The Donald loved the USA enough to go all the way.

Kevin did not love Canada enough to fight for it. And that is The Cold, Hard Truth.

The Donald gave Americans a noticeable alternative choice at election time. Kevin did not offer Canadians any significant policy difference.

For example, when Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau openly threw his support solidly behind such sins as homosexuality, transvestitism, and gender confusion, this gave Kevin O’Leary a golden opportunity to distinguish himself by standing up for good old-fashion biblical morality.

Instead, Kevin just offered even more of the same. In fact, he even tried to one-up Justin.

Kevin infamously said that as long as people are happy, he does not care if they “marry a goat.”

While supporting such sins as bestiality might not seem like the most dignified political platform to run on, it might have worked in a country like Canada.

It could have been marketed as being “progressive.” It is surprising how many people fall for that sort of bafflegab.

The fact, though, is that many women claim to be married already to “old goats” and have not found it to make them especially happy.

The Donald’s only really serious problem is the endless stream of dastardly and unscrupulous politicians, backed up by noisy fake media, trying to stab him in the back and pull the rug out from under his feet to obstruct his plans to make America great again.

His insane enemies without a cause rage away continually because they want to be in power so they can carry out their own agenda of trying to destroy apple pie, motherhood, and America.

When the American people overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump’s good agenda, some Demonrats became totally unhinged and tried to riot until President Trump would carry out their own bad agenda for them instead.

They found it difficult to accept that they are a bunch of losers who cannot always have everything their own wrong way.

Hopefully, most of them will remember to take their medications so they do not go around shooting everyone they disagree with.

Yet another recent news blurb went blubbering on about how “200 lawmakers” were planning to sue The Donald.

This sort of legal threat might frighten many ordinary people. And that is precisely why it takes a real man like The Donald to persevere and get things done in spite of all the senseless opposition.

One book claimed that Donald Trump had been involved in 3,500 lawsuits, so this is probably all just “par for the course” to The Donald, the professional golfer and world’s greatest golf course builder.

As God’s own humble servant President Donald J. Trump works diligently and faithfully to make God’s most favored nation great again, and again, and again, some bad people just cannot stand it.

It drives them even crazier than they were to begin with–and some of them were pretty crazy to begin with.

When President Donald Trump boldly declared in his Friday, January 20, 2017 inauguration speech that, “and most important, we will be protected by God!,” it probably dismayed all the wicked and made their bitter little hearts shrivel up within them.

Later, in President Trump’s Tuesday, February 28, 2017 first address to a joint session of Congress he repeated that, “most of all, we will be protected by God!”

This bold reminder probably caused all the shrivelled-up hearts of the wicked to turn to stone. This could explain why all the bad people are so heartless.

Quote for today from the Holy Bible:

“Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable.”

“Do not have sexual relations with an animal and defile yourself with it. A woman must not present herself to an animal to have sexual relations with it; that is a perversion.”

Leviticus 18:22-23, NIV

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Fiction Writers

The Mainstream Media is still trying unsuccessfully to find any legitimate critics of American President Donald J. Trump and his common sense policies for American greatness.

So, once again, the Mainstream Mess has reported on some scary-sounding character spouting off against the president for the free publicity.

Some guy by the name of Stephen King decided to take some cheap shots at President Trump while he was busy working hard to make America great again.

Where does the media find these nobodies that almost nobody has ever heard of?

Fortunately, with modern Internet search engines it is possible to look up even relatively obscure people.

A diligent search to try to find out who this shadowy character is, and to uncover his dark motives, has finally revealed that he is obviously just another failed “writer” (and I use that term in its loosest possible sense) who is probably envious of best-selling author Donald J. Trump’s vastly superior book content.

As every educated person knows, Donald J. Trump wrote such famous literary classics as The Art of the Deal, The Art of the Comeback, and Think Like a Billionaire, plus more.

This is all really serious literature at its very best, coming from a great American president, businessman, and author who is both constructive and thought provoking, practical and intellectual, sexy and rich, and so on and so on, on and on.

You get the idea. If you don’t, then you are just not with it. If you don’t know him, you don’t belong.

In frightening contrast to Donald J. Trump, it appears that Stephen E. King never could think of anything worthwhile or praiseworthy to write about.

Tragically, his “writer’s block” did not stop him from scribbling away anyway, frantically seeking fame and fortune to the point of insanity.

He reportedly wrote more than 50 novels. That is insane. He obviously suffered from a severe case of “diarrhea of the pen.”

Stephen King’s lack of proper meaning and purpose in life caused him to wallow in the morbid muck, and the stuff he produced shows it.

Many of his so-called “writings” could honestly be described as “a horror.” Even he himself would have to agree!

He just wanted to attract some attention, and some cash, by scaring people. It was so much easier than trying to do anything useful with his life.

This is all so very pathetic and sad. What sort of people did he think would ever be foolish enough to waste the precious time of their lives reading novels?

Sometimes a self-proclaimed “writer” will just spill some ink and waste some paper and pretend that there is some profound meaning to it.

This is the same thing as a self-proclaimed “artist” pooping on the canvass and pretending that there is some profound meaning to it.

Of course, other people are expected to look like crazy to try to see the supposedly profound meaning.

Both the “writer” and the “artist” try to keep a straight face and not laugh too openly about this old joke that they play on the vain fools who fall for such tricks, and who read their “writings” and view their “art.”

The Donald is such a gifted writer that he produced many positive, uplifting, and enlightening masterpieces that are sure to be treasured by astute collectors for years to come.

Stephen King produced lower-class stuff of a more temporary nature that could be used for kindling in the wood-burning stove.

He catered to those with “mind-drift syndrome” by producing ready-made nightmares for them to read.

There have always been people who wanted to be “writers” even though they had nothing worthwhile or good to say.

Too often, they had bad things that they wanted to say. Invariably, they wrote FICTION.

For example, hundreds of years ago, some character called William Shakespeare wrote some questionable plays.

He and his publicists have been trying hard ever since to peddle them as something worth watching, or reading, or at least buying the complete set of for interior decoration purposes to collect dust on the bookshelf.

But, let’s face it: The Puritans were absolutely right to be suspicious of the theatre.

It is amazing that there are some people who think that they actually like to read fiction books.

Such people are so lacking in imagination that they feel a need to resort to reading other people’s ready-made daydreams, which is what fiction books are. This seems totally unnecessary.

In case they did not know, there is plenty of fiction in many of the supposedly non-fiction books out there.

There is no need to read books that are actually labled fiction in order to overdose on fiction.

Books represent an opportunity to learn great things from superior minds through all ages up to the present time.

Of course, if not chosen wisely, books can become a way to learn bad things from the inferior minds that have plagued the history of mankind.

It has been suggested that a person should choose their authors and books as they would choose their friends and companions.

Does a person really want some author or companion who just makes up untrue stories?

With an estimated 130 million books having been published in modern times there are plenty to choose from, but not enough time to read them all.

President Donald Trump is actually living the American Dream, and loving it!

He does not have to make up shameful fibs like some fantasy fiction writers do.

Fiction writers tend to be people who did not exercise proper control over their minds, went on to think negative thoughts, and consequently told bad stories.

Long after the world has totally forgotten about the gratuitously violent plays written by Bill Shakespeare (such as Julias Caesar), and the spooky “writings” of Stephen Fink (none come to mind), the truly amazing insights of best-selling author extraordinaire Donald J. Trump will live on to inspire, motivate, edify, and dazzle future generations of those who love to dwell on the good things in life.

A couple classic books by Donald J. Trump that give some idea of how he thinks and operates are The Art of the Deal (copyright 1987) and The Art of the Comeback (copyright 1997).

kabul airport

Radical Muslim Terrorists

On June 26, 2017 the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) wisely and justly and unanimously (9 to 0) ruled that American President Donald J. Trump was absolutely, conclusively, scientifically right beyond the shred of a reasonable doubt to try to ban the radical Muslim terrorists of half a dozen nations from entering the USA and destroying property and killing people for 90 days.

A lower court had previously played politics and allowed terrorists to enter the country, but the Supreme Court somehow managed to realize that the safety of American citizens was even more important than playing political games.

President Donald J. Trump is from the city of New York. He lived in a beautiful penthouse with a spectacular view. He looked out over the city and thought about what he could do for the people of the United States.

He could not help noticing that the two World Trade Center towers were suddenly missing after Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

That seemed most unusual and disturbing. Donald Trump wanted to stop any more tall buildings from suddenly going missing.

He had a personal interest in this, since he himself liked to build tall buildings. It costs a lot of money, so builders really hate it when their buildings get lost.

Though personally living quite comfortably, it grieved the great and majestic Donald Trump to see the way other countries and people took advantage of the USA and treated it so badly.

For many years he had hoped that someone would step up to save America.

When nobody else rose to the occasion, private American citizen Donald J. Trump decided to sacrifice his own time and lifestyle to do what needed to be done.

Like a great American hero, he humbled himself and descended from his palace among the clouds, and came down to live like an extraordinary man in the White House.

The opponents and obstructionists do not have the same good, clear, sensible view that Donald Trump has. They do not share Donald Trump’s love of tall buildings.

They do not share Donald Trump’s love of America. They cannot see the big picture from on high like only The Donald can.

They live at a much lower level, and have a much more limited view of their surroundings, and have no real understanding of how the world actually operates.

Sometimes they lift the manhole covers over their heads, poke their heads up out of the sewer, and ignorantly criticize the vastly superior wisdom that comes down from above, that comes down from The Donald.

FULL VIDEO: Watch American President Donald J. Trump announce on Tuesday May 8, 2018 his wise and courageous decision to withdraw the USA from the unbelievably bad Iran nuclear deal that the previous Obama administration had come up with to allow a terrorist nation like Iran to continue to develop nuclear weapons and delivery systems for them (12 minutes, 46 seconds):

And so concludes our tale.. thank you for reading!