Best Roach Killers That Are Safe for Pets

Dealing with insects can be a huge pain, but getting rid of them can be even harder.

Especially if you have dogs or cats that love to eat things they shouldn’t.

Many chemical insecticides can make your pets ill, some severely enough to cause life-threatening complications.

If you’re a pet lover, though, there is hope.

Many baits, traps, and roach killers have been designed in ways that are safe for pets.

Always make sure to read the instructions for use, and double check with your veterinarian if you’re unsure about a particular ingredient.

Harris Boric Acid Killer Powder with Lure

Harris Boric Acid Killer Powder with Lure


Boric acid is one of the most effective roach killers on the market.

This powder is made up of two main ingredients, and it’s easy enough to synthesize that you can do it yourself at home.

However, if you don’t have the time to make your own boric acid, you can also purchase some pre-created from Harris.

Harris has a formula specifically created to attract and kill roaches, silverfish, and other household pests by using a lure.

Normal boric acid isn’t attractive to roaches.

However, if you mix the powder with a lure that smells like food, you can entice the roaches to walk through it.

In addition to killing roaches and silverfish, this formula has also been tested and proven to kill water bugs and palmetto bugs.

The long-lasting formula can continue to kill for several weeks after it’s applied to a surface, provided that it doesn’t get wet.

One thing that makes this offering from Harris ideal is the bottle.

You get a bottle and an extended straw, so you’re able to apply the powder evenly and simply to even the most difficult-to-reach areas.

The food-grade lure will pull roaches out of their hiding areas.

In addition, this formula is registered with the EPA and made in the United States.

As long as you follow the instructions for use, it can be safely used in houses with pets and people.

Boric acid shouldn’t be used in places where food is prepared or stored, as it can be harmful to ingest.

You also shouldn’t put it in places where your pets may accidentally ingest or inhale it, including dog beds, kennels, areas of carpeting your pet might roll on, and other similar places.

Since it’s not a hundred percent safe for pets, this might not be the best choice if you want something that your pet can ingest without fear.

Greener Mindset Cockroach Traps

Greener Mindset Cockroach Traps with Bait Included


If you want a set of cockroach traps that actually are safe to use around your pets, you don’t have to look any further than this.

Greener Mindset has created a twelve-pack of easily-assembled, simply compressed traps that can be easily baited.

Rather than using insecticides and other potentially hazardous poisons, the traps use glue to pin roaches and kill them.

Each of the traps lasts for three months after being baited, unless it becomes completely full of insects.

Greener Mindset offers a satisfaction guarantee with these traps.

If you have any problem with them, you can get your money back.

One of the big selling points here is that the attractant uses all-natural ingredients instead of hazardous chemicals.

The attractant has been proven effective as a roach bait, but it won’t harm your pets if ingested.

It draws multiple different species of cockroach out of hiding.

The glue uses a non-toxic formula that’s sticky enough to keep the bugs from escaping.

One potential drawback is that the traps can only catch the cockroaches that are drawn in.

When you use poisoned baits, cockroaches bring the food back to the nest, where the hidden ones also die.

With these traps, you’re unlikely to get rid of the entire infestation because you aren’t poisoning the source.

However, these are good to use in conjunction with other methods of exterminating or finding the roaches.

The traps can also be used for pests besides roaches.

They have been known to trap ants, centipedes, scorpions, spiders, beetles, and landing flies as well.

Because the traps aren’t poisonous, you don’t have to worry about where you place them.

They can be put near your pets and in food storage areas.

According to the manufacturer, some of the best locations for the traps include your bathroom, storage rooms, garage, beside the refrigerator, behind the refrigerator, behind the stove, in the kitchen, in the pantry, inside your cabinets, below your sink, and near any cracks or crevices where you believe roaches might be entering your home.

The traps come dissembled, but they’re very easy to set up.

First, you peel away the safety film from the glue. This activates the glue, allowing the sticky components to trap insects.

Then you put the bait in the middle of the stickiness.

The smell of the bait will attract insects, who will then become trapped in the glue and die of starvation or dehydration.

Once the traps are baited and glued, you follow the folding guidelines.

There are dotted lines showing you where to fold the sides, and then you can connect each side at the top without needing tape or glue.

From there, just put the trap in any area where you’ve detected cockroaches or other pests.

Terro Liquid Ant Baits

Terro Liquid Ant Baits


These liquid ant baits from Terro are technically made for killing ants, but they can also attract and kill cockroaches and other pests.

Most importantly, they can be used around the home.

Unlike the glue traps, these baits can be brought back to the nests and colonies, allowing for the infestation to be killed at the roots.

Each of the baits comes ready-to-use. There’s no setup required.

All you do is put the bait down in the areas frequented by cockroaches or ants, and let it do the work. You can buy the baits in packs of one or two.

Another selling point of these baits is that they’re packaged with a “stay fresh” tab. Until the tab is pulled, the bait is dormant. It won’t expire before use.

Like with other bait traps, you’ll initially see more cockroaches and other pests. Don’t let that alarm you.

It means that the cockroaches are picking up the bait and bringing it back to their nests and colonies, allowing the poison to circulate further than with a simple glue trap.

The active ingredient in the baits is borax. This is one of the two components that make up boric acid, and it’s a very effective insecticide.

If you have pets that are prone to eating things they shouldn’t, you should make sure to keep the bait stations away from them.

However, these baits are relatively safe for use otherwise.

Since the baits are enclosed, your pets are unlikely to ingest the insecticides unless they make an effort to rip the station open.

Final Thoughts

If you want a roach killer that’s been proven one of the most effective options on the market, you can go with the boric acid from Harris.

Boric acid is a normal household ingredient that’s so common you can even synthesize it yourself. Make sure you follow all directions for use, though.

Boric acid isn’t one hundred percent safe for use around your pets, meaning that it can hurt them if they ingest it.

You shouldn’t use it in areas that your pets and young children might traverse.

If you do want a roach killer that’s effective without posing the same risk to your pets, consider the glue traps from Greener Mindset. Each pack of twelve traps uses all natural ingredients.

The traps are easy to bait and set up. Rather than killing with insecticides, they trap the roaches with glue.

Every trap will last a maximum of three months or until it’s totally full of insects. You don’t have to worry about your pets being harmed by poisons.

For those looking for a different kind of bait, you might consider using the liquid ant baits from Terro.

Though they’re designed for ants, they can also be used to kill several species of cockroaches and a wide variety of other household pests.

The bait will initially draw the cockroaches in. However, the active ingredient will slowly kill the roaches.

When the roaches bring the baits back to their nests and hiding places, the roaches hidden out of sight will also begin to die, helping rid you of your infestation for good.


Best Essential Oils for Getting Rid of Roaches

As time goes on, essential oils are becoming more and more popular.

Not only are they being used for their aromatherapy potential, but people are also exploring the ways they can promote health in the household.

Some essential oils have been proven to repel or even kill insects.

Since cockroaches can introduce hazardous pathogens and materials to your home, any essential oil that gets rid of them must be promoting your health.

But which essential oils are actually effective against cockroaches? We’ve put together a list of the top three options.

Essential oils are best used as preventative measures; more heavy-duty insecticides are a better choice if you’re already dealing with a heavy infestation.

Peppermint oil is one of the most repellent essential oils to cockroaches and many other insects.

It confuses and overwhelms their sense of smell. Humans tend to find the smell of peppermint pleasant or at least tolerable.

Cockroaches, on the other hand, will avoid it at all costs.  Here we have our top three picks of essential 

Majestic Pure offers peppermint essential oils

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Majestic Pure Peppermint Essential Oil

Majestic Pure offers peppermint essential oils in packages of two bottles.

Each of the bottles comes with four fluid ounces, for a total of eight fluid ounces.

This might not sound like a lot, but you have to keep in mind that the substance is undiluted.

Undiluted essential oils are extremely powerful, powerful enough to be toxic. It can be tricky to handle them.

When you’re mixing your cockroach repellent, all you need is the bottle of oil, a quart of water, and an eye dropper.

Take the eye dropper and fill it. Then squeeze ten drops of peppermint oil into the water quart.

It might not look like enough, but the dilution will be powerful enough to ward away cockroaches.

Pour the mixture into a spray bottle, shake it up, and then spray it along areas that cockroaches are prone to manifest.

You can spray the mixture liberally along cracks in the walls, along your baseboards, in your bathroom, behind your oven, behind your refrigerator, and in any other damp or moist areas that cockroaches might hide.

Peppermint oil can also be used for aromatherapy.

Keep the undiluted substance out of reach of children and pets, and don’t use the oil in a diffuser if you have pets. If you’re pregnant, you should talk to your doctor before using it.

The package includes a high-quality glass eyedropper to make mixing your oils easier.

Now Essential Oils Cypress Oil

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Now Essential Oils Cypress Oil

This bottle of essential oil comes in a much smaller container than the previous one.

In fact, it’s just one-fourth of the size, containing a single ounce of distilled cypress oil.

You can choose whether to purchase one bottle or a pack of two.

Like with the peppermint oil, a little cypress oil goes a long way because of how heavily you should dilute it.

The cypress oil from Now Foods has all been responsibly made and naturally sourced.

It is extracted through distilling the branches and leaves of the cypress plant in high-quality laboratories.

The oil has not gone through any filtering or dilution process, so it’s as concentrated as possible and completely free of synthesized ingredients.

Cypress oil has a number of benefits beyond insect repelling.

Provided you don’t have pets, you can use the oil in diffusers to waft fresh air across a room.

This is also a natural and safe alternative to aromatherapy mechanisms like candles and aerosol sprays.

To use this oil as an insect repellent, follow the same procedure as with the peppermint oil. Dilute eight to ten drops in a quart of water.

If you want an even more effective roach repelling spray, you can combine ten drops of peppermint oil with eight drops of cypress oil in a single quart of water.

You’ll get the pleasant scent and combined repelling power of both.


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DG Cedar Oil for Indoor Pest Control Spray

Cedar oil is effective against cockroaches. It’s also a little different from the peppermint and cypress oil options.

Cypress and peppermint oils are best at repelling roaches and keeping them from staying in your space. But cedar oil is a natural insecticide.

In fact, cedar trees in nature are among the only trees that are never picked over by insects.

Why? Because the oil is so poisonous that simply coming into contact with the tree can kill insects.

Instead of being a diluted essential oil, this product from DG Cedar Oil is a fully-formed insect spray created for use indoors.

There’s 32 ounces of spray in every bottle, which comes ready to use.

You also have the option of purchasing a 16 ounce or one gallon size instead, depending on the level of your need and the surrounding circumstances.

What makes this insecticide appealing is that it doesn’t use any of the synthetic chemicals that many insecticides do.

Instead, it uses natural and powerful ingredients to ward off insects.

Cedar oil doesn’t have the same lingering chemical smell or residue that many other roach control products have.

This particular formula is rated for use in commercial buildings, offices, and residential home use.

In addition to working against roach infestations, the formula has been proven effective against other insects as well.

It will kill ants, bed bugs, fleas, flies, mites, mosquitoes, and ticks.

The diluted oil is safe to use around pets, children, and adults, so you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t introducing potentially harmful substances to your family’s environment.

The manufacturer even recommends using the cedar oil formula with fogging protocols.

Pest fogging occurs when you close a room and release an aerosol-propelled mist of insect killer.

It permeates the entire room and sinks into surfaces to kill all the insects inside.

If you have a container that works as an aerosol propellant, this formula can be placed inside as the fumigation ingredient.

Final Thoughts

When you’re picking the right essential oil to use against cockroaches, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the effectiveness.

If your house is already infested with cockroaches, you need something a little more heavy-duty than an essential oil.

You need a serious attractant combined with a serious insecticide to get rid of them.

After you’ve gotten rid of an infestation, though, you might use essential oils to keep the roaches out.

You might also use these measures to keep them from entering in the first place.

Peppermint oil is one of the strongest options available. This substance tends to be tricky to use, especially when it’s undiluted.

The Majestic Pure supplements come with two bottles, each with four ounces of undiluted oil.

Though peppermint may smell lovely to you, it’s one of the most repellent scents to many animals and insects.

Cockroaches are just one of them. For the most effective repellent, mix about ten drops of the oil with a quart of water. Then spray it in areas most likely to be frequented by roaches.

Cypress oil is another ideal essential oil option that repels and disgusts roaches.

You can even mix cypress oil with peppermint oil to increase the efficacy, though it also works well on its own.

Try adding eight drops of cypress oil to the peppermint mixture to create an even more effective roach repellent. Or just put eight drops of cypress oil into a normal quart of water.

Cedar oil is an essential oil with unique properties.

The cedar tree never has issues being eaten by insects, because the oil naturally works as an insecticide.

When insects like roaches come into contact with the oil, it kills them. If you want an insecticide rather than a repellent, this is the way to go.

Dilute the oil thoroughly by mixing ten drops in a quart of water.

Place the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it liberally around your home.

TestClear Synthetic Urine Review

For this website, I spent hours upon hours researching other people’s stories about synthetic urine.

I compiled lists of all the brands that have known to fail the final lab test and come back marked as a fake sample.

The sad truth is, almost every brand out there is shown to fail today’s lab’s test.

If you’re going to dupe the testers, you need a real human specimen. It’s simple as that.

That’s where TestClear Powdered Human Urine comes in.

This brands number one on our list because it’s the only one that is actually real human urine. I’m not joking with you, it really is!

They take a ton of human urine and dehydrate it in a huge dehydrator, which turns it into a fine powder.

They then package this fine powder in vials and sell it to us. But the thing is, I don’t mind that they’re making a profit on it!

Because they are the only place that will go through the painstaking process of dehydrating urine and sell it for so cheap!

Seriously, it’s only a little bit over $40 and you are guaranteed to pass your test!

If you go with any other brand besides TestClear, you’re really fooling yourself and will most likely fail if your specimen gets sent to the lab.

I hate to sound harsh but I’ve read horror stories of people using QuickFix or some other brand on their drug test and then failing once it was sent to the lab and the lab techs could EASILY tell it wasn’t real urine.

How can they tell?

Because synthetic urine doesn’t foam when shaken.

But I can tell you with complete confidence that TestClear Powdered Urine foams like crazy when you mix the powdered urine with water and shake the vial that it comes with.

It foams like a rabid dog, I’m telling you.

Besides passing the “foam test”, TestClear Human Urine also contains all of the ingredients that the labs test for.

That means creatine and uric acid mainly.

I know that most every other brand on the market has creatine, but many of them don’t have uric acid and that’s another pitfall of those brands.

They might help you pass a home drug test, but then again the person giving you that test could have read about the “foam test”.

They may also notice that your urine specimen looks more like lemon-lime gatorade than urine. Why take the risk?

I’ve done extensive research on TestClear Powdered Human Urine and I can say that I’ve passed every test, even a test where my specimen was sent to the lab to have an ETG!

I can’t say I’ve tried the other brands on the market, but I have done my research and read enough forum threads to assure me that they will not pass the “foam test” and are often flagged as fake urine in the lab.

This product has saved a lot of pain and suffering that I otherwise would have had to go through as a result of failed drug tests.

If you’re worried that an upcoming drug test could set you back a few steps in life, whether employment-wise or probation-wise, just turn to TestClear.

They’ll help you out. They have a live chat feature on their website that allows you to chat with a drug test representative.

Even if you’re not buying, just go on there and get some advice.

That’s all I have to say, hit the button below to head over to and check out their powdered human urine.

Synthetic urine in the news!